Viability Day!

Yesterday at 24 weeks we reached Viability Day. For those not familiar 24 weeks marks the point when the baby is considered viable. Babies born at this time have a reasonable chance of survival (with significant medical interventions). The odds for survival go up every week and I do love seeing that percentage get higher and higher.

Weekly Update:

How far along: 24+1

How big is baby: about the size of an Arctic Puffin, a little over foot long and by the end of the week weighs about 1.5lbs

Symptoms: still tired (it hasn’t helped that we’ve had sick kiddos in our house who aren’t sleeping well), some sporadic back aches, but nothing terrible. Braxton Hicks contractions, mostly when I have a full bladder…which can be kind of frequently LOL

Movement: She is a strong little girl when she wants to be. She rolls around a lot, more than I remember my own kids doing it. She either doesn’t like to be pushed on or she’s trying to get comfortable because if my pants are pushing on my lower belly or I lean against a counter she’s instantly kicking and rolling around until I move.

Sleep: Not great over the weekend (sick kids), but not terrible last night.

Miss anything? not having to get up 3+ times to pee

Food cravings? taco salad again…we had it at a birthday party on Saturday (I had two plates of it!). Then I made it last night because it sounded so good and I brought it for lunch today. Still craving sweets too, but not as much as before.

Anything making you queasy or sick? The kids trying to sit on my belly will do it. If I’m sitting on the couch they will try to crawl all over me not realizing that they can’t get comfy because I’ve got a big ol’ bump now. This poor baby gets knees and elbows thrown at her daily, luckily she’s nice an insulated 😉

Best moment of the week? Spending the weekend with my husband’s family

Next appointment: Sometime in June, I don’t remember the date exactly. I’ll have my GD test in about 3 weeks as well.

I feel like she shifted position to be a bit higher than last week. Last week I felt like my bump was actually a little smaller and her movements felt a lot lower. This week she seems more out in front again and the bump feels large and in charge.


3 thoughts on “Viability Day!

  1. Oh, those crazy kids! I know that feeling; having a toddler trying to jump on my tummy is not fun. But hooray for viability day!! Sounds like this little lady’s dads will have their hands full. 🙂

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