Still Here

It probably seems like I’ve abandoned this blog after my 38 week post. I haven’t, but it usually takes me some time to get in the mental head space to write a birth story post. I also meant to write a 39 week post as well, it was supposed to be my last one before induction day..but life happens and at that point I was so tired and ready to have that baby that I didn’t get around to it.

I’m not ready to type out the whole story just yet, but here’s the short version:

Went in for induction at 7:15am on Saturday the 6th. This was a longer induction process than I’ve had in the past because it was at 39+2 and I was barely dilated and baby was still high up.

True labor finally started around 4pm on the 6th and she took her time in coming so she was born at 7:10am on 6/7. She was 7lbs 8oz and I think about 20.5 inches, the smallest baby I’ve had so far and as cute as can be!

Eventually I will type up the whole story. I did manage to take notes for awhile since the details always get a bit fuzzy pretty quickly.

For now I’m still resting up, but feeling pretty good. It’s so nice to sleep through the night again LOL My body definitely lets me know if I do too much. I’ve been wearing a brace that has been a life saver for my back. I’m not sure why my back is so sore this time. It’s more of an issue now than it ever was during pregnancy. I’m working to strengthen my core to hopefully help with the soreness. If it continues to be an issue I’ll make a chiropractor appointment.

Stay tuned…

Last bump pic!