Med Start Day!

Today I start meds for our “bonus” transfer and of course it couldn’t just go smoothly 😆

Our coordinator at the clinic sent me my calendar last Wednesday. Shortly after the pharmacy called to set up delivery of my meds. The lady I talked to confirmed the shipping address to my house at least twice and said that the shipment should arrive Friday, perfect! Fast forward to Friday evening and still no meds and no tracking number. I called the pharmacy Saturday morning as soon as they opened and they told me that the meds had been shipped to my work address 🤦🏼‍♀️ That actually would have been okay, except the office wasn’t open on Friday so the meds couldn’t be delivered. They said that they were rescheduled to be delivered Monday (today). Around about 11:45 there was still no package and I was supposed to have started the doxycycline this morning. Finally about 12:30pm I called the pharmacy to get a tracking number to check on the shipment and the tech told me that it said the package had been delivered. Um, what?? I looked at the UPS packages that we had gotten and they were all addressed to my office’s name and FedEx (which is who they used before) hadn’t even been here yet. Cue panic. I told them I would check with the other business in our building and call back if I couldn’t find it. Nope, couldn’t find it. Called pharmacy back and they got to work finding a solution. They were really great about the whole thing and even though I was annoyed that it got sent to the wrong place and now was missing I tried to be polite. Working at a front desk and dealing with people all day I know that accidents happen and it likely wasn’t even the same person I was talking to that screwed it up. I was on hold off and on for a bit as they tried to figure out what to do. They decided to see if their “rep” could contact the driver and retrace steps. “The FedEx rep?” I asked, “No, UPS” was the answer. I said okay and hung up.

Now dear reader is where I make an idiot out of myself. Once they told me it was a UPS package and not FedEx I decided to investigate the UPS boxes we had received a little more in depth….guess what I found. Yep, the box of meds. The reason I didn’t notice it before is because it didn’t have my name on it. It just said the business name so I thought that it went along with the other boxes with the business name on them. Well….I didn’t want to call right back and be like “hey, I’m an idiot and I’m sorry”. I was very glad at this point that I hadn’t been bratty about the whole situation because that would have been even more embarrassing. Instead I called back and blamed the mix up on my co-workers 🤣 Now, I love my coworkers and we’re one big family so I know they wouldn’t mind my little fib. I told the pharmacy lady that they had accidentally taken it to the back with the other boxes because it didn’t have my name on it, but when they opened it they figured out it wasn’t what the office had ordered and asked around. She was very sweet and just sounded happy that it got sorted without trying to figure out how to get me the meds I was supposed to start today.

Before all that I had been trying to get my lining check ultrasound scheduled at the local imaging place and that was time consuming. I first called and was on hold for 20 minutes to be told they didn’t have any recent orders. I sent a message through the clinic’s patient portal asking them to resend them (I know she sent them last week, she’s good like that so I didn’t think it was her fault at all). Our coordinator wrote back that she had indeed sent them last Friday, but said she was sending them again. I gave it a bit then called the imaging center back again. I was on hold for 21 minutes until I realized that I had been kicked to the back of the queue. I hung up and called back in a few minutes, after another 18 minutes on hold I finally got through and was able to get scheduled. Even booking more than 3 weeks out they only had one appointment time available. It’s later in the morning that I typically like, but it is what it is and should still give them time to get the results the same day (they said it only takes a couple hours when it’s marked STAT).

So here we are at the beginning of another transfer cycle! I am still feeling really positive about it. I don’t know if it was the chaos of the holidays before the last transfer so i didn’t have the time to devote to thinking about the transfer or what, but this time feels different. Like I mentioned before, it may just be that this feels like a bonus try and that makes it kind of special.

Oh before I forget…the clinic made a couple adjustments to my calendar that I was actually hoping they would make, but didn’t ask about. They are having me stop BCPs a day earlier and having the first blood test done a day earlier. Why is that good news? Well the last two transfers I have had to go in for a follow up blood draw because my estrogen levels can be slower to come down. That can cause some stress and chaos like last time. I’m happy we won’t be trying to figure stuff out on a Friday afternoon after they’ve turned off their phones again….at least I hope we’re not.

We also found out a week and a half ago that the hubs needs back surgery. He’s been dealing with pretty much constant back pain since last Oct. After trying the chiropractor, acupuncture, massage, and physical therapy he went in to the orthopedist who diagnosed him (after an MRI) with a bulging disc between his L1 & S1 vertebrae. So he is going in one week from today to get it fixed and hopefully be pain free again in the near future. The timing of it actually works out pretty well considering where I’ll be in the cycle. Fingers crossed that all goes smoothly!

and we’re off for transfer cycle #2 🥰


Tentative Next Transfer Date

I emailed our clinic coordinator the day before my evaluation last week just to get a feel for when the next transfer might take place if everything looked good with the ultrasound. She said that if everything looked okay then we could plan for a transfer date of 5/3 and I would start meds again on 3/28.

So I went off to my appointment. I drove over Thursday evening, checked into the hotel and checked out the next morning. My appointment was at 10:30am and I was really trying to get out by 11:30 so I could make it back to Bend to pick up the kids from school at 3. Even though they seemed to be running a bit late already. I was able to get on the road by 11:30 exactly and made it back in time.

The appointment went well. It was done my a nurse practitioner not our regular doctor. She was nice enough if not a bit curt. She said everything looked great and she would pass along the info to my coordinators.

I took stock of all my leftover meds/syringes/needles last night and emailed the coordinator this morning letting her know what I have left in case it can save IFs a few pharmacy fees. She had said last week that if the appointment went well that she would get me a calendar the beginning of this week. Hopefully I get that today or tomorrow and we can set up a pharmacy delivery later this week.

I’m getting excited to be entering another transfer cycle. I’m feeling pretty positive about it while keeping in mind that it’s likely that it won’t be successful. I feel more relaxed about it than the last cycle. I think because it’s almost like a bonus chance. I had forgotten about this little embryo and figured the last transfer was likely their last shot. So now to have an extra, bonus try is just icing.

Appointment On Friday

Thankfully I didn’t have to wait until today and get more bloodwork done as CD1 came on it’s own last Wednesday (3/9). I emailed the coordinator that day and was able to get an appointment for the uterine evaluation this Friday at 10:30 am.

I looked up flights and because of prices and available flights I quickly decided to drive up for it instead. I was planning on leaving early that morning and driving (it’s about 3 1/2 hours away), but the hubs said he would really feel more comfortable if I drove over the afternoon/evening before and stayed in a hotel. That sounded fine to me. The only reason I was going to go Friday morning is because I pick up the kids and take our daughter to dance on Thursdays. A quiet night in a hotel room doesn’t sound too bad to me 😉

I had the consultation with the genetics department. As I suspected, it was much shorter than the hour it was scheduled for. It was maybe 15-20min tops. It was basically just her giving me study findings and making sure I understood and had any questions answered.

Hopefully everything looks good on Friday and we can get a transfer calendar together. At least this time we don’t have to wait for contracts to get done before getting a calendar. Once I get the okay that things look good I will take stock of my leftover meds and let the clinic know what I’ll need more of.

I’m glad it finally feels like things are moving forward. Fingers crossed for a good appointment on Friday!

I’m Running Out Of Titles

How many different ways can I title an “update” or “Next steps” post 😆

I didn’t realize it had been almost a month since I posted an update, oops! Honestly there hasn’t been a lot going on the last few days. Our clinic coordinator was out of the office so it was over a week before she got back to me and then it took a few days of messages/emails back and forth to move things along. I had hoped for an end of March or early April transfer, but I think we’ll be lucky if we get one by the end of April.

I still haven’t started CD1 yet after the failed transfer. That’s not really abnormal for me as my cycles off of birth control pills are erratic and unpredictable. In order for the clinic to prescribe me meds to jump start my cycle I have to have an ultrasound and blood work done (scheduled for the day after tomorrow). Once they get the results from that (they’re making sure I’m not pregnant and to see if maybe I’m close to starting my cycle on my own) we can hopefully move things forward a bit.

I have a phone appointment with the clinic’s genetic counselor on Friday. She said it was scheduled for an hour, but I can’t imagine it will actually take that long. I’m thinking that it’s the standard time for all counseling appointments and isn’t taking into account that I’m not an IPs and this isn’t my personal embryo.

So a couple things are getting checked off the list this week. It would be really great if we could get things moving along a little faster after this, but surrogacy is a hurry up and wait game so I will have to be patient (not my strong suit!)