Weekly Update:

How far along: 23+1

How big is baby: about the size of a chinchilla or a bunch of grapes, about a foot long and weighing a little over a pound

Symptoms: tired, back aches, Braxton Hicks contractions

Movement: she’s moving more and more these days. I’ve been able to see her movements on the outside which is pretty amazing. I haven’t been able to catch it on video for her dads yet, but maybe in the next few weeks.

Sleep: hit and miss…occasionally I’ll wake up to go pee and not be able to back to sleep for an hour or two (like last night)

Miss anything? sleeping through the night

Food cravings? nothing really this week

Anything making you queasy or sick? I figured out this last week that I apparently wasn’t drinking enough water and that was in part what was causing my nauseousness when I would eat something sweet. I’ve upped my water intake and have felt so much better…of course that means I’m up more at night to pee

Best moment of the week? Getting an email that my son got into the tuition free Montessori school in town for Kindergarten this fall!

Next appointment: OB appt on Wednesday

My pregnancy apps all said that baby girl is going to start packing on the fat this week and should double her weight in the next 4 weeks. So expect some rapid grow in this bump in the weeks to come! Only 5 more weeks until 3rd trimester…where’s the time going??


One thought on “23+1

  1. Wow, congrats to your son! That’s pretty exciting.

    Right there with you on the up at night to pee thing. Does it help to know you’re not alone? 😉


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