Let’s Get This Party Started

I started Lupron injections last Saturday (3 days ago). Lupron is a medication that prevents ovulation. That’s important because the RE (fertility doctor) wants complete control over my cycle and we don’t want ovulation because then it would signal my body to start my cycle over when we’re trying to prepare it to accept the embryo.

Full disclosure I have been too chicken to do the injections myself. For some reason I cannot bring my hand to stab my stomach with a needle 😂 If I didn’t have another option (my husband) I would eventually work up the nerve to do it myself, but I don’t have that kind of patience and I just want it done. Logically I know it doesn’t hurt and I’ve had way more pain donating blood (those needles are huge). I checked my blood sugar for months when I was pregnant last time, but I psych myself out with this.

Either way it gets done and that’s what’s important. I’m on it for another 24 days and I’m sure I’ll be able to do it before then. After that a whole new set of injections begins and I have no intention of doing those myself (if we get to that point I will share the reasons LOL).


Slightly Intimidating

My box of medications arrived today. I knew there were a lot and that there would be a huge stash of syringes, but when the box showed up at the office today the size of it was still slightly intimidating 😲

After unloading it it’s actually less medication than I thought, the syringes took up half the box by themselves.

Injections start Saturday, wish me luck!

Transfer is Scheduled!

This is going to be lengthy so if you’re looking for the short version here you go:

Our embryo transfer is scheduled for December 14 at 11:45am!!

Now here’s the long version….

After we signed our contracts on Wednesday Nov. 1st, a form stating that we now have legal clearance was sent to the fertility clinic. I knew it would likely take a few days to hear from them and get the ball rolling with a medication schedule. I still hadn’t heard anything by Monday so in the afternoon I emailed the assistant I had previously been in contact with. She said that she had not received the clearance yet and when they did a new contact would email me. I wanted to get things going so I had S & R’s lawyer send the clearance directly to the assistant.

So Tuesday I still hadn’t heard anything so I emailed the new contact person to make sure she got the clearance. She emailed me back rather quickly with some questions. I emailed her right back then silence. After another email she replied. As the day went on it seemed like she only ever responded to every other email. It was weird and obnoxious.

The other really obnoxious thing is that there is apparently no communication between the staff at the clinic. They either don’t make notes about conversations with patients or they don’t read them. This has been the case since I first started working with them.
Back in August when I went down there for medical screening the assistant told me afterwards to stay only on active birth control pills (BCPs) so that once we had legal clearance we could start the cycle whenever we wanted. Fast forward to my conversation last week with the newest contact (who is the 4th person I’ve had as a “case manager” there) she is acting like I’m supposed to have been taking BCPs as normal including the placebo pills so that I’m still regularly getting my period. She then goes silent for awhile until I email her again asking her if I’m supposed to be stopping BCPs or staying on them. She finally gets back to me saying that the doctor now wants me to do a mock cycle so we can see how my endometrial lining (uterine lining) responds to the IVF meds. Basically you do all the work of a regular cycle, meds, blood draws, and ultrasounds, but you don’t do an embryo transfer at the end.

Now, when I was there in August the doctor who did my screening said that a mock cycle wouldn’t be necessary because my lining looked good that day. You can imagine my frustration that the other doctor in the practice (the owner as well) comes back several months later when we’re ready to transfer saying we need a mock cycle. Not only that, but as much as I can tell it’s only because I’ve been on active BCPs for so long PER THEIR INSTRUCTIONS!

So case manager #4 tells me that case manager #5 will be in contact soon to set up the mock cycle…grrrr

I hadn’t heard from #5 by the next afternoon (Thursday) so I emailed her to see if I should be staying on BCPs or not. I wanted to get this all sorted out before the weekend. She got back to me saying she was “just going to contact me” yeah, right…She asked me a few question about my schedule this month which I answered right away.

Out of the blue later she sent me an email that since we already have contracts done we’re going to go ahead and just proceed with a regular IVF cycle and as long as all my test results look good we can go ahead and transfer at the end of the cycle. Wait, what?? I was so confused, but so happy that we’d still be able to transfer next month. I don’t know what went on at the clinic to warrant the change or if my case manager at the agency said something that changed their minds. Whatever happened, I’m just so glad that we have a chance of being able to transfer next month.

#5 referred me back to #4 and I was completely prepared to have to wait until after the weekend to get a med schedule, but surprisingly #4 emailed me on Friday evening with a schedule from here until the anticipated date of 12/14.

I have my first blood draw tomorrow morning and I start injections in 1 week! I can’t believe we’re actually starting to prepare for a transfer. It’s no longer some way out there vague goal, it’s actually here! I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. There’s a lot of pressure for my body to do what it’s supposed to, especially since now we’re skipping the mock cycle. While I had no desire to do one, I’m stressed that they thought I needed one and now we’re not doing it. I just keep telling myself that this is just like a mock cycle except with the option to transfer at the end LOL

So keep all your fingers crossed and send lots of good vibes that everything goes like it should and we can transfer one beautiful girl embryo next month…oh did I not mention that R & B have decided that they want to transfer a girl? Isn’t it crazy that they can decide?

All right, let’s do this!