8 Weeks

Weekly Update:

How far along: 8 weeks

How big is baby: Size of a strawberry

IVF meds:  1.5mL of Progesterone and .25mL of Delestrogen Mon/Fri Low dose aspirin and prenatals

Symptoms: The last couple days my nausea has gotten worse, it’s not terrible, but definitely more noticeable. I’m glad it waited until after my family had our Thanksgiving dinner last weekend. I’m stressing about this upcoming weekend and next week as my husband with be gone hunting and Olivia’s daycare provider is off next week. This means I’m single parenting it and stay at home moming it…which when you’re exhausted and nauseous is about as tough as it can get.

Sleep: I would sleep most of the day if I could. I’m wiped out pretty much constantly

Food cravings? carrots, popcorn, apples

Anything making you queasy or sick? letting my stomach get empty, eating too much, not sleeping enough….the list is growing

Happy or moody? being tired and nauseous is making me a little moody

Best moment of the week? having Thanksgiving with my family on Saturday

Next appointment: I have an intake appt at my OB’s office tomorrow. It’s just a quick appt with the medical assistant to go over health history and answer any questions I have. Honestly, with this being my fourth pregnancy I feel like we could do this over the phone, but that’s their protocol.


7 Weeks

Weekly Update:

How far along: 7 weeks

How big is baby: Size of a raspberry

IVF meds: After my blood work yesterday the doctor adjusted my dosages just a little. I’m now on 1.5mL of Progesterone (was 2mL) and .25mL of Delestrogen Mon/Fri (was .3mL).  I still take the baby aspirin and prenatals

Symptoms: Yesterday was rough in nausea department. It was a combination of kids not sleeping pretty much all night and having to get up early. The short plane ride was absolutely miserable. Once I took a nap in the airport and did some walking I felt a little better. Today I woke up after a good night’s sleep and have felt really good. The only time I was a little nauseous was when I was hungry. After seeing the baby and its heartbeat yesterday I don’t have the nervousness about the lack of nausea and can just straight up enjoy not feeling terrible 🙂

Sleep: yesterday I was exhausted from not sleeping and travelling, but I slept great last night and am feeling pretty good today.

Food cravings? other than yesterday food in general just sounds good. Still wanting popcorn most nights.

Anything making you queasy or sick? not particularly. Every meal after breakfast makes me incredibly bloated thanks to the progesterone.

Happy or moody? mostly happy, just tired

Best moment of the week? Seeing baby’s heartbeat yesterday ❤

Next appointment: ultrasound 11/13

Ultrasound Results

Today was the day I woke up early and flew to Portland to have our first ultrasound done at ORM Fertility. I was hoping to be able to do this ultrasound in Bend so I didn’t have to take a whole day flying up here and back. It would have saved my IFs a lot of money, but the RE insisted so at 6:55am I was flying to PDX.

Of course on a morning I have to wake up super early the kids would sleep terribly. My day started at 2:15am with the first wake up and I maybe got a cat nap in between then and 5 when I had to get up. Lack of sleep is one thing that makes my “morning” sickness worse. So even though the flight was only about 40 minutes long, it was a very long 40 min of me trying not to need the puke bag in the seat pocket 🤦‍♀️😳

When we finally touched down what felt like 5 hours later, I had about and hour an a half before I needed to get on the train. Last time I was at PDX I found where they keep the comfy chairs with foot stools. I headed straight there and curled up for an hour long nap. When I woke up my stomach felt a little better. Honestly the only thing that makes it feel mostly okay is walking, which is okay sometimes, except when you have to be in a plane or a train like I do today.

Anyway, I hopped on the train to go to the clinic. I got there right at my appointment time after hustling from the train stop so my pulse was a bit high when the checked my vitals LOL

They took some blood to check estrogen and progesterone levels. I was then taken to the exam room. I didn’t have to wait long and the doctor was there to do the ultrasound.

Right away I could see the gestational sac and the baby in the middle of it. After pointing out the outline of my uterus he went back to the baby where I could see the heart flickering. Cue a sigh of relief! He measured the heartbeat which was 138. He measured the baby who was measuring right at 6 weeks 6 days which is exactly how far along I am. He checked each ovary and said everything looked great! It was so fast! I’m used to the ultrasounds at the imaging clinic where they take multiple measurements and views.

We went over next steps and I was able to convince him (after some begging) to let me do the next ultrasound in Bend. Thank goodness!

I got an email stating that I should decrease my estrogen from .3mL to .25mL and my progesterone from 2mL to 1.5mL.

The next ultrasound will be on Nov. 13th when I’ll be about 10 weeks.

I’m so excited for my IFs!! Fingers crossed things continue to go smoothly for us!

6 Weeks

Weekly Update:

How far along: 6 weeks

How big is baby: Size of a blueberry

IVF meds: 2mL Progesterone daily, baby aspirin daily, .3mL Delestrogen Mondays and Fridays. I had my progesterone check and my levels were nice and steady, but they’re keeping me on the same dose and rechecking when I’m at the clinic next week.

Symptoms: Sunday I wasn’t really tired or nauseous which was nice. The problem was because of that I stayed up too late and utterly exhausted on Monday. Tuesday the nausea returned and has been consistent most of the day since then. Other than that other symptoms are having to pee all.the.time LOL and being super hungry in the evenings even if I’m nauseous. I also wake up hungry in the middle of the night.

Sleep: all the time if I could

Food cravings? they’ve been pretty random. Popcorn, ice cream, cheese, Fruit Loops

Anything making you queasy or sick? not really anything specific, I just wake up nauseous and it comes and goes throughout the day

Happy or moody? mostly happy, just tired

Best moment of the week? Having good weather last weekend

Next appointment: ultrasound 10/23

5 Weeks

Weekly Update:

How far along: 5 weeks

How big is baby: Peppercorn

IVF meds: 2mL Progesterone daily, baby aspirin daily, .3mL Delestrogen Mondays and Fridays. I have a blood draw next week to check my estrogen and progesterone levels. I may get to cut my progesterone dose in half if my level looks good.

Symptoms: Tired in the afternoons. I’ve been too tired to walk on the treadmill for the last few days and have been doing to bed early. There are mornings I’ve been nauseous and mornings that haven’t been too bad. I wake up ravenous now which is not my usual MO. I can usually wait until I get to work or back home after dropping the kids off to eat breakfast, but this week I’ve been having to drink my shake in the car.

Sleep: all the time if I could

Food cravings? Popcorn (this is the same as my last surro pregnancy), yesterday I had to have an apple in afternoon. Mostly I’ve been so hungry in the afternoons that everything sounds good. I maybe have a week before everything starts to sound terrible so I’m enjoying the appetite while I can.

Anything making you queasy or sick? no, just a little queasy in the am

Happy or moody? mostly happy, just tired

Best moment of the week? Getting a good 3rd beta number

Next appointment: blood test for progesterone and estrogen levels, then ultrasound on 10/23

3rd Beta Results

Today was 3rd beta day…

Since the number was 200 on Monday at 13dpt we were looking for a number of around 400 or above. Again it was another loooong wait to get the results. I got my blood drawn at 9am and it was 3:45pm before I got the email from the clinic coordinator.

Once again it was above where it needed to be, yay!! Here’s a recap of all the numbers:

1st Beta @ 9dpt: 40

2nd Beta @ 13dpt: 200

3rd Beta @ 15dpt: 482

We might have started out on the lower side, but they’ve been more than doubling every 48 hours which is a great sign. The first ultrasound is scheduled for 10/23. I’ll be 6 weeks and 6 days so we should hopefully be able to see a heartbeat if everything goes well.

Tomorrow, I’ll be 5 weeks pregnant. I’ll start my weekly updates and be optimistic that I will get to continue them until next June 🙂

I’m so excited for my IFs! Fingers crossed things continue to go well!

2nd Beta Results…

This morning I dropped the kids of at daycare and school then headed to the lab for my 2nd blood draw.

Once the lab was done the waiting began. I was a bundle of nerves all day waiting to hear from the clinic about the results. I had taken another home test Sunday morning and the line was considerably dark so I knew the number would be higher, but would it be high enough?

(Dpt=days past transfer)

I waited, and waited, and waited….at 3:30pm I decided I couldn’t wait anymore and called the clinic. For the first time it was actually my coordinator that answered the phone. I told her I was calling to see if they had my results yet “oh yeah, I think we did” then why haven’t you called me yet??? Don’t you know I’m going crazy over here waiting?!?!

She looked in my chart and said that today’s results looked great! She said that the number was 200.6!! I was soooo relieved to hear that number. Betas should double about every 48-72 hours (they like it closer to 48 hours). So by that math it should have been at least 160. I was so happy that it had exceeded the 160 mark.

We chatted a bit about the next steps. I’ll have another blood test on Wednesday. That number should be at least 400. If all is well with that test we will schedule an ultrasound around the 22nd. I’m sure I’ll be just as nervous waiting for those results.

After hanging up with her I immediately sent a message to the IFs to let them know the good news! I’m sure they were anxiously waiting as well. There were a lot of people waiting to hear the results so I sent out lots of messages to people letting them know. It’s funny (and pretty awesome) how my friends and family get invested in this process. My previous IFs and I had so many people cheering us on last time. This time around my current IFs and I have the same amount of people if not more in our corner rooting for us. I always have people asking how it’s going, where we’re at in the process, how the latest blood tests went, and so on. It’s really great to have so much support. That is not the case for all surrogates. I have seen many stories of friends and family who have nothing but negative things to say. I’ve been very blessed to have not heard a single negative comment about it.

An email arrived a short time later justreiterating what I had already discussed with the clinic coordinator.

Being cautiously optimistic is a delicate balance. You know that at any point it could all come tumbling down, but at the same time you’re wishing your hardest that things go well.

So once again, please keep you’re fingers crossed that Wednesday’s test results 🤞🏼🤞🏼

1st Beta Results

Yesterday (Thursday) morning I went in for my 1st beta (pregnancy blood test).

I knew there would be a number, but my home tests had been pretty light so I knew it would be on the lower end.

The wait to hear from the clinic was difficult. Knowing that the number would be low end made it even harder. However, I would definitely be prepared for it rather than going in thinking it’s going to be a normal number and then having it be low.

The clinic coordinator called about 2:30pm and let me know that the result was positive at 40. They like to see it at 50 or above at 9 days past transfer (I was at 8.75dpt). She said they have definitely seen numbers in my range be successful and the most important thing is that the numbers increase appropriately. They should double every 48-72 hours. The next blood draw will be on Monday and if the numbers are rising then I’ll have another one on Wednesday.

I’m hoping that we just have a late implanting embryo who took his/her sweet time settling in. I’ve heard plenty of stories in the surrogacy groups I’m in of numbers around mine or even lower turning into healthy pregnancies so it can happen. I’m hoping we’re one of the lucky ones that have that happen.

My symptoms have really ramped up since my last post. I’ve been absolutely exhausted by the evening, like I could fall asleep standing up. 😴😴 Sometimes I only make it to the afternoon before I’m that tired. That should make for a fun weekend with just me and the kids since the hubs is gone hunting until Sunday evening. The last 2-3 mornings my stomach has not felt great. Yesterday all I could stomach for breakfast was 1/2 a protein shake and some popcorn. This morning it felt better and I was able to eat a real breakfast. I’ve also been way more sensitive to smells. This morning someone smelled like cigarettes and really strong smelling shampoo…it took me a minute to get my reaction and stomach under control. I’ve also been more emotional than usual. Ever watch This Is Us while pregnant and jacked up on IVF drugs? No? It’s super fun to be a blubbering mess the whole time…Same goes for NCIS when a favorite old character comes back for a couple episodes LOL

Add to all that the cough I’ve caught from the kids and it’s been a thrilling last week haha! It sounds like I’m doing some heavy complaining, but I’m really fine. I’m pretty good at taking all this in stride. That doesn’t mean I don’t have my moments, but I always realize that it’s the hormones and meds making me feel a certain way and that it will pass. All this is only temporary and it’s for a wonderful cause. Parts of pregnancy aren’t fun whether you’re a surrogate or pregnant with your own, doesn’t mean it’s not worth it 🙂

Waiting until Monday to get a clearer picture of what’s going on is going to be rough. Patience is not my strong suit. I hate unknowns and just want to know one way or the other.

My sweet IFs sent me this beautiful bouquet of flowers yesterday! They knew I was struggling with the awful weather we’ve been having (including snow last weekend) and wanted to send me a little bit of color to brighten things up! It definitely made my day! It was so sweet of them to think of me and go through all the trouble of organizing with a local to me flower shop from all the way across the ocean.

Keep your fingers crossed for us that this little embryo keeps growing like it should!