Day 6 of Meds

Just thought I’d pop on a give a quick update on how the cycle is going so far. Today is the 6th day I’ve been on meds. I’m still taking the doxycycline (antibiotic), lupron, baby aspirin, and prenatal vitamins. I took my last birth control pill last night so now we’re waiting on CD 1 to know when I need to go in for my first blood test. CD 1 should be Wednesday or Thursday. If all is well there I will start the delestrogen injections on Monday the 6th.

So far it’s all going well. I’ve remembered to take the antibiotic with food so it doesn’t upset my stomach (made that mistake once after my very first transfer, haven’t done it since). The injections are easy, the needles are tiny and it’s injected near my belly button so it’s easy to reach.

I am definitely feeling more bloated, but it was also Thanksgiving weekend so I ate way too much food too. Hard to say for sure the cause 😆 Hopefully after a week of eating normally it goes down a bit. Other than that no real side effects. I’m trying to make sure to drink a lot of water to combat the headaches that can come along with the Lupron. So far so good so hopefully that keeps up.

I’ll update again after my blood test results!


Med Start!

Started meds today! We are officially cycling for a transfer 😊

First Lupron injection went flawlessly. I was able to do it myself in just a few second (no having to psych myself up this time!). I didn’t even feel the needle (they’re 29g needles, so itty bitty).

Fingers crossed for a smooth, successful cycle and transfer!

Meds Start 11/24

I finally got my calendar last Friday! It took about a day longer than expected which meant that I couldn’t coordinate med delivery with the pharmacy until this morning since they aren’t open on the weekends. I was hoping they would call shortly after they opened at 9am because I need the meds delivered tomorrow. They called about 9:45am and said that they had a note that I needed it by tomorrow. They’re sending it overnight and it should arrive tomorrow at my office. I didn’t have it sent to my house because sometimes the delivery drivers here decide that they don’t want to deliver our packages if they don’t have any other ones to drop off in the area 🙄 I mean I get that they are tired and overworked, but some packages are important and people need them on the day they’re supposed to be there. That being said, I’m sure it would have been fine, but I didn’t want to chance it. They come to my office’s building complex everyday anyway to drop off other packages so it should definitely make it.

My calendar is the same as last time, which was expected. I start meds on the 24th (Wed). I will start an antibiotic (to make sure there’s no latent uterine infection), Lupron (prevents ovulation), baby aspirin (blood thinner reduce chance of clots in uterus after transfer), and a prenatal vitamin (I’ve already been on one, but this clinic has a certain one they like that they rx to you).

My first blood test will probably be around December 3rd. I take my last birth control pill on 11/28. Then we wait for my cycle to start. The first blood test usually takes place on CD2-3 to make sure estrogen levels are dropping. Depending on the level I may need another test the next day to make sure it’s headed in the right direction (this is what happened last time). If estrogen levels are appropriate, I start delestrogen on 12/6 to start building my lining. This is an injection done in the upper, outer glute area twice a week (Mon & Fri usually).

I have a lining check around 12/16 to make sure it’s increasing like it should. As of right now, transfer is scheduled for 12/28. If everything goes at least mostly according to plan (keep your fingers crossed!) the first pregnancy (beta) test is scheduled for 1/6.

I can’t believe we’re actually here already! 18 months seemed like such a long time to wait after surro babe #2 was born (even though I knew I needed to wait that long). Now we’re here and I start meds the day after tomorrow! I’m so excited for this journey and I know IFs are too. Keep your fingers crossed that we can transfer on 12/28 as planned and that their little embryo decides to stick around until next September!


The hubs and I got up a little extra early this morning to meet with an online notary to sign the contracts!

Now IFs and the legal guardians they’ve selected if something happens to them have to have a Zoom call with the same online notary to sign their spots. I haven’t heard when their appointment is yet. We’re still hoping to have legal clearance to the clinic by Thursday so we can go ahead with the planned transfer date of Dec. 28th.

This part where we end up in a time crunch is anxiety inducing for me. I know I can only do my part and hope that everything else aligns. It is definitely not the end of the world if we can’t plan for the Dec 28th transfer. It will be way more convenient for my family and will save IFs some money, but even if we planned on that day it could get changed for a number of reasons anyway. I have to remember that uncertainty and flexibility are the name of the surrogacy game. Flexibility is something I can do, uncertainty is what I struggle with. I’ve mentioned my type A personality here more than a few times. I don’t do well with not knowing one way or another, it causes a lot of anxiety for me. Once I have a date or plan then I’m totally fine. It’s just the not knowing that I struggle with. So, hopefully the uncertainty about whether we’ll have legal clearance by Thursday doesn’t last much longer…either way I’ll know my Thursday afternoon LOL

Edited to add:

IFs were able to have their appointment with the notary earlier today so the contract is all signed! The legal guardian part still needs to be signed, but because we’ve signed the actual contract part the agency was able to send a legal clearance letter to the clinic. I emailed our clinic coordinator to let her know that it had been sent so hopefully she is able to work on a calendar and get it to me soon. Then she’ll need to order meds through their pharmacy and get them shipped to me. If we’re still good for Dec. 28th then meds should start next week!

Plugging Along

We’re getting closer to getting the contracts done. IFs lawyer emailed my lawyer and I their revisions/comments. The only thing we had to go back on forth on a bit was the life insurance. My lawyer had requested a policy that was more of a normal life insurance, not surrogacy specific so that it would cover death from COVID 19. If we were going to go with the more traditional term life insurance policy it would take longer to get in place, possibly involve a medical exam, and likely push back our transfer cycle. I didn’t want to do that, but at the same time my lawyer was fairly adamant that I have some sort of coverage in the event that I died from COVID 19 as pregnant women are considered higher risk. So what to do?

I’ve been meaning to obtain life insurance for myself anyway, as that’s a thing you do as an adult so I’m way over due. I emailed out insurance agent’s office letting them know that I’m ready to get the ball rolling on life insurance for myself. His assistant emailed me back with a couple questions then sent some quotes. I let my lawyer know that I was going to go ahead and get term life insurance myself which will cover death from COVID 19. That means that IFs will just need to purchase the original surrogacy policy that they were planning on getting anyway. So we’re all set as far as I know on that.

IFs lawyer said she is going to look at the final changes my lawyer made tomorrow morning and will get back to us. Hopefully that means that the final draft can go out for everyone’s signature by the end of the week. It will feel really great to have this step behind us.

Fingers crossed we can get legal clearance to the clinic by early next week!

Meeting With Lawyer ✔

I just got off the phone with my lawyer. It was a super quick call, like 10ish minutes. She had already sent over a copy of the contract with her wording changes which I had reviewed. She asked if I had any questions which I didn’t, but I did need her to change my husbands pay rate or lost wages which she is going to do. We talked about the clinic a bit (just stuff like how they’re handling COVID precautions and how they require GCs be vaccinated). I let her know that we’re trying for a transfer on Dec. 28th so I would need to start meds the week of Thanksgiving. She thinks that should be fine and that we can it wrapped up by the end of next week/early the week after.

You probably caught that I mentioned a potential transfer date of Dec. 28th. I heard back from the clinic yesterday and she let me know that they are open and doing transfers the week after Christmas. She originally said I was medically cleared, but then realized that they never sent the lab order for my husband to do his blood draw. She sent that over yesterday and he went in today to have it done. She asked where we were at in the contract process as they need legal clearance before they can schedule a transfer. I let her know that we were in the middle of contracts and that I had a meeting with my lawyer scheduled. She came back and said that was great and that we can tentatively plan on a transfer on Dec. 28th and we would need to start meds around Nov. 23rd so we need legal clearance asap so a calendar can be written up and meds can be ordered.

It’s crazy to think that transfer day could potentially be less than 2 months away! I could be starting meds in just under 3 weeks! Time has really flown. I’m so excited that the “fun” part is getting closer. Hopefully we can get this contract done asap now that my lawyer is actively working on it.

Things are about to get even more real 😁

Contract Meeting in Two Days

October 4th: IFs lawyers sent the contract to me and my lawyer. I went over it and emailed my comments to my lawyer.

October 8th: my lawyer emailed everyone to let us know that she would be on vacation the next week and she had it on her schedule the week of October 18th. She said she would be in touch the week of October 18th.

October 26th: we still hadn’t hear anything. IFs lawyer emailed my lawyer asking for an update.

October 28th: I still hadn’t heard anything so I emailed my lawyer asking when we may be able to chat about the contract.

November 2nd (today): IFs lawyer emailed my lawyer again asking for an update. I emailed my lawyer letting her know when I’m available this week and letting her know that we’re hoping for a transfer soon after Christmas which means I would need to start meds before the end of the month.

She finally emailed me back saying that a friend of hers passed away last week and another friend is very depressed. I’m obviously very sorry for her loss. I’ve been there and I totally get it. The only thing that makes me side eye a little in that she was still supposed to go over the contract and be in touch with me the week before last. It doesn’t matter now. She is reviewing it today and we have a phone call set up for 4:15pm Thurs (2 days away). Hopefully it doesn’t take too long after that to get it sorted and signed.

I also emailed my clinic coordinator late last week asking if we can start talking transfer timing. I told her I noticed that my test results were in (they apparently don’t email about them anymore, the results just go to the patient portal) although I was sure that the doctor hadn’t had a chance to review them yet. I let her know that we are already in the middle of contracts which is when we were able to start talking timing the last time around. I mentioned that having the transfer the week after Christmas would be super convenient and would save IFs some travel expenses since we’ll already be in the Portland area for the holidays. I haven’t heard back from her yet. I’ll probably give it until Thursday to see if she gets back to me before I follow up.

Small steps forward are better than no steps forward!