Weekly Update:

How far along: 16+1…so a day late this week. I could have done it yesterday, but I opted for a bath and trashy “reality” TV instead 🙂

How big is baby: about the size of a dill pickle, about 4 1/2-5 inches long

Symptoms: Morning sickness has been making a come back since Thursday which is just fantastic. It does seem to be sticking to mostly just in the mornings. Also my boobs hurt soooo bad. They have for weeks now. It’s weird because with my first pregnancy they were super sore right off the bat until about 2nd tri. Second pregnancy didn’t hurt at all. This time around they only started hurting at like 10 weeks and haven’t gotten any better. Sports bras are my friend lately.

Movement: I feel her a couple times a day. They’re definitely getting stronger

Sleep: getting better. I slept really good Saturday night which was a nice change.

Miss anything? not having food aversions, no nausea

Food cravings? random craving for taco pizza last week. Other things aren’t what I call cravings, more like “that doesn’t sound terrible”

Anything making you queasy or sick? still mostly eating too much. What my stomach deems as “too much” varies from meal to meal and I don’t know about it until afterwards. I try to eat slowly so my body can let me know if I’m starting to eat too much. It works about 50% of the time

Best moment of the week? Liv decided yesterday at the pool that she’s ready to try putting her face in the water which was pretty cool, proud mommy moment

Next appointment: Next OB appt is this Wednesday


15 weeks

Weekly Update:

How far along: 15 weeks (look at me doing this on time two weeks in a row…go me!)

How big is baby: about the size of a Yellow Canary as my Ovia app says or a navel orange

Symptoms: I actually think I can say that I haven’t been quite so tired the last few days, which is saying something considering that the hubs and I completed a big project this weekend. I have been sleeping mostly better since I quit taking Unisom in the last 4-5 days. Nausea is still lingering, but it’s been very mild for the most part.

Movement: I feel her a couple times a day. It’s amazing how strong it can feel sometimes.

Sleep: improving since I stopped talking Unisom. I was scared to quit taking it because I didn’t want the nausea to return, but the extra zzzz’s have been worth the mild nauseousness.

Miss anything? not having food aversions

Food cravings? cheesecake, Wheat Thinks w/ cream cheese & pretzels w/ hummus 🤷

Anything making you queasy or sick? definitely eating too much, or eating too much sugary/carby type food

Best moment of the week? Completing our big project of putting up bunk beds and converting one bedroom into a play room.

Next appointment: Next OB appt is on 3/28

Hello Second Trimester!

Yay for leaving crappy first trimester in the dust! I’m definitely ready to start feeling better and having more energy!

Weekly Update:

How far along: 14 weeks

How big is baby: about the size of a “house mouse” as my Ovia app says or a nectarine

Symptoms: still really tired. It hasn’t helped that the last 4ish nights I’ve been having a lot of sinus congestion and drainage plus a sore throat. I’m pretty much fine all day, but it’s been keeping me up a lot at night. I still have some nausea for at least some of the day every day, but it’s manageable.

Movement: I haven’t felt her much this last week. I know she moved up higher and out of my pelvis because of where I find her heartbeat on the Doppler. I’m not sure if that makes a difference because I have more padding up there or not 😉 either way I’m sure I’ll start to feel her a lot more in the next few weeks.

Sleep: see “symptoms” section, I’m definitely tired

Miss anything? sleeping through the night, not having food aversions

Food cravings? the other day I randomly wanted banana bread, stuffed celery, and dinner rolls 😂

Anything making you queasy or sick? definitely eating too much

Best moment of the week? this last Tuesday I felt great all day. I don’t think I had one episode of nausea all day… unfortunately that’s the only day that’s happened. Also my maternity clothes showed up and holy moly they are comfy!!

Next appointment: Next OB appt is on 3/28

13 + 2

We had a very busy (but super fun) weekend so once again I’m a little late getting this written, but such is life!

Weekly Update:

How far along: 13+2

How big is baby: about 3 inches, the size of a peach or a clown fish (Hi Nemo!)

Symptoms: I’ve still been pretty tired, but spending 3 nights this weekend sharing a hotel room with two kids doesn’t make for great sleep. Nausea was off and on this weekend, not terrible, but not great either. This morning I’ve been feeling pretty good which has been so nice. I hope it sticks around!

Movement: I noticed this weekend with being so busy that I didn’t notice her movements as much. Last night and today while I’ve been more sedentary I feel her more often.

Sleep: Not too bad. I wake up a lot to pee and start sleeping more restlessly from about 4am on (the same as last week)

Miss anything? sleeping through the night (at least once she’s here I won’t have to deal with a newborn sleep schedule LOL)

Food cravings? not really anything this last week.

Anything making you queasy or sick? definitely eating too much

Best moment of the week? Spending the weekend going to Jurassic Quest and the coast

Next appointment: Next OB appt is on 3/28

Now a few pictures from our weekend. These kiddos had so much fun. We were in Jurassic Quest for hours, which included standing in lines to do crafts, go on slides, and other rides. They didn’t have one meltdown or even little fit. They were absolute rock stars which made it easier for us to enjoy it. It also helped that my parents met us there so we had extra helping hands.

The coast was great too. The weather when we got there Sunday was decent and on Monday it was sunny without much wind which is as good as you can ask for at the Oregon Coast. Wyatt is so in his element on the beach. He would happily stay there all day if he could. Eventually he got his pants wet and was stripped down to undies and his coat LOL He would definitely prefer a tropical beach where he could actually swim in the water, but he’ll settle for Oregon beaches over no beach any day of the week.

Ultrasound today

The ultrasound this morning went great! The tech was so sweet, she’s my favorite thus far (I’ve seen a ton of them in the last 3 months). She has a friend who was a surrogate and her sister is going through IVF so she had an idea about the whole process. She even mentioned that she has thought about being a surrogate, but thought her two c sections would disqualify her. I let her know that they wouldn’t if she still thought she would want to do it.

Anyway back to the actual ultrasound. She spent a lot of time looking at the sub chorionic hemorrhages. She said that she thinks one of the spots isn’t actually an SCH that she thinks it’s in the placenta which wouldn’t be any sort of issue. She also said they look they’ve gotten smaller which is great. Everyone I’ve talked to (OB, 2 ultrasound techs, and 2 medical assistants) have all been so surprised I haven’t had any bleeding. Sometimes I wonder if they think I’m lying about it LOL

Baby girl is measuring 3 days ahead which is great. She was 2-3 days behind before so she must have had a growth spurt. She was a bit lazy, but made one nice big flip to go from facing my back to facing my stomach. With moves like that it’s no wonder I’m feeling her already.

I can’t wait for her dad’s to get to see the ultrasound in person. I always send them the pictures that the tech prints out, but it’s definitely a different experience to see it in person.

I can only imagine how strange it must be to know that you have a baby growing thousands of miles away. It must feel a bit surreal so hopefully when they come for the anatomy scan it can feel a bit more real.

She’s a cutie already!