A little late this week because we went camping last Thursday. We were supposed to head to the coast, but then all the state campgrounds got shut down so we headed about an hour from the house to a little river near a reservoir. There were a number of day trippers out there because it’s a good fishing area, but everyone kept their distance from each other and we had the whole campground to ourselves most of the time. It felt really good to just disconnect and get out of the house. The kids really enjoyed themselves even if it was a little cold and windy. They’ve only been able to go to daycare and home for awhile now so it was a treat for them to be able to go somewhere else.

Weekly Update:

How far along: 29+4 weeks

How big is baby: size of a pineapple, about 16 inches long

Symptoms: I’ve been feeling good as of late. Still having restless legs and occasional heartburn, but nothing awful

Movement: still super active and still camera shy

Sleep: It’s been hit and miss since most of the family has been dealing with some nasty allergies.

Food cravings? Hamburgers, chocolate, pizza

Anything making you queasy or sick? not really, not even the sugar/carb stuff that I’ve had trouble with. Overall feeling pretty good in this department finally!

Next appointment: OB appt 4/14…I failed my 1 hr glucose tolerance test (not a surprise) by three points so I have to go do the 3 hour test next weekend.


Hello 3rd Tri!

Well if it hasn’t been a crazy last week…since my last update, schools here went from being closed until April to closed through April 28th. Everyone who is able to work from home is (including myself), people are hunkered down to try and reduce the spread of COVID-19, and there’s no toilet paper to be had 😂 (Luckily for us we have plenty in stock in our house 😉)

Weekly Update:

How far along: 28+2 weeks

How big is baby: size of a coconut, about 15-16 inches long

Symptoms: I actually haven’t been as tired this week, but I have mostly been working from home, there’s no school to get the kids to, no swim lessons, and really nothing besides working and a little homeschooling. Which is all fine because it’s what needs to be done. Other symptoms are heartburn, braxton hicks, and a temperamental left sciatic nerve. Nothing too bad

Movement: still super active and still camera shy

Sleep: not too bad if I make sure to do a bunch of squats to tire out my legs before bed

Food cravings? Mexican food, fruity candy, chocolate, orange juice, pizza

Anything making you queasy or sick? too much carby or sweet stuff, but it’s getting better

Next appointment: OB appt 4/14â€ĶI’ll be going in for GD screening soon, I’m just not sure when yet

27 Weeks

Weekly Update:

How far along: 27 weeks

How big is baby: size of a bunch of bananas, about 14.5-15 inches long

Symptoms: Still tired, but the sun being out this week and daylight savings time starting has helped. My restless leg issues have been bad this week. The other night I ended up doing like 40 squats at 3 am in the bathroom trying to get them to calm down. If I get off my butt and walk on the treadmill it definitely helps, but being tired really kills my motivation. Heartburn started about a month ago. It’s mostly when I’m hungry. Tums has been enough to quell it until I eat.

Movement: still super active. She can get my belly rolling, but of course when I try to catch her on video she stops

Sleep: not too bad if I can get my RLS under control. I still wake up a lot, but that’s par or the course and I know I won’t sleep through the night until she’s born

Food cravings? hamburgers, fruity candy, Mexican food

Anything making you queasy or sick? too much carby or sweet stuff

Next appointment: OB appt 4/14…some time after 3/19 I have to go in for my GD testing. I certainly don’t think I’ll pass the 1 hour since I failed it the last 2 pregnancies. I’m just hoping I can pass the 3 hour one like I did last time.

One app I have calls 27 weeks the 3rd tri, but I’m pretty sure more OBs count 28 weeks as the start of 3rd so I’ll stick with that.

26 Weeks

Totally forgot to add the pictures and post…oops!

Weekly Update:

How far along: 26 weeks

How big is baby: size of a butternut squash, about 14.25 inches long

Symptoms: I think we can all assume that “tired” will always be listed in this section. My husband mentioned last night that he thought I would be past that part by now. I explained that the 4th time around 1st trimester last until about 23-24 weeks because that’s when I stopped feeling terrible everyday and we have now moved straight into 3rd trimester symptoms of heartburn, aches, insomnia, etc. I let him know that my energy level after first tri did go up. It went up to “not quite as debilitatingly tired” LOL

Movement: she is still a super active girl…I honestly don’t know if she ever sleeps more than 30 min at a time because it seems like she is ALWAYS moving

Sleep: this week hasn’t been great. I caught the kids’ cold and started having some really strange dreams. Last night I finally got a decent nights sleep even though I had a kid visitor around 2am because he had a bad dream for the second night in a row

Food cravings? hamburgers, fruity candy, salads, breakfast

Anything making you queasy or sick? I’m still mostly okay. For some reason yesterday I felt terrible, may have been due to lack of sleep.

Next appointment: OB appt 4/14