Little Delay

I heard from the clinic in the last week. They emailed me info to log into the patient portal and fill out some forms. That person said my clinic coordinator would be contacting me to set up an intake call. I got an email from the supporting coordinator to schedule the call and we set it up for next Wednesday the 14th at 3pm.

Before I had heard from the clinic, I sent our agency case manager an email asking if she knew if we needed a new psych eval or if they could use the previous one. She said she would check with the clinic and see what they said. She also said that when she spoke with IFs they mentioned we were waiting until the end of the year to transfer and asked if that was still the case. Um, yes, it’s been the case since we started getting things ready? We were very up front with everyone about it, but it seems that info didn’t get passed along, oh well

Once the clinic had emailed me (they included the agency CM on the email so she was kept in the loop) our CM emailed back asking about when we should do the medical screening if we’re not transferring until after Christmas as sometimes the tests they do are only good for so long. She also asked about the psych eval. The clinic emailed back and said that they would only ask for a new eval if I had some major life event happen since last time (divorce, death in the family). Since we haven’t had anything like that happen we shouldn’t need a new one (yay!! One less thing to do). They also said that the uterine evaluation they do is only good for 6 months so they suggested waiting until Sept or Oct to do the med screening.

It’s a bummer we won’t be able to cross it off the list sooner and now we’ll just be in a holding pattern until then, but it’s probably best to do it that way. I don’t think I’d want to push it too far into Oct just because my lawyer can be slow. So if we factor in that, plus 6 weeks of meds before transfer we may be cutting it a little close. I told our agency CM that I was good with whatever IFs decided to do. I’ll be ready to do the med screening whenever they feel is the best timing.

So now we wait…which is a huge part of surrogacy LOL we’re going to be busy the next couples months so the waiting shouldn’t seem too long. I may take a break from weekly updates if there isn’t anything going on, but we shall see 🙂