Great First Results

Here’s the email I got this afternoon from the clinic.

My clinic does a really early first blood draw. Most clinics wait until 10-12 days past transfer to check HCG (the pregnancy hormone). 17 for such an early draw is great and I’m very happy with the number. The number should double about every 48 hours so we’ll check next Tuesday and see what the new number is. I’ll continue to take home tests to see if the line gets darker. Keep those fingers crossed for R & B!


Fingers Crossed!

I know I should post a whole recap about how the actual transfer went (let’s just say that having an over full bladder and having someone push down on your bladder with an ultrasound wand is not my idea of a good time). It has just been such a whirlwind the last week. We flew home last Saturday, we’re at my parents house for a couple hours then headed out to a family Christmas party. The next day was Christmas Eve then Christmas and yesterday was our first day we got out of the house without me on modified bed rest. Hopefully I’ll get to it this week sometime.

Until then, check this out….

Dpt = days past transfer

Today is 5dpt

I’ve been talking to this little girl everyday telling her she needs to stay put and grow bug and strong because her daddies are so excited to meet her. Fingers crossed she’s my belly buddy until next September!

Transfer Day!

I’m actually writing this 16 1/2 months after the transfer, but I realized while reading through old posts that I never sat down and wrote about the actual transfer so here we go…

The night before we flew out we drove the 3 hours to my parents’ house so our kiddos could stay with grandma and grandpa while we gone. We got to Las Vegas the afternoon before the transfer. I had only been there for the medical clearance appointment and was there less than 24 hours and my husband had never been there. We checked in to the Luxor, checked out our room, then decided to go get something to eat. We ate at one of the restaurants in the hotel then headed out for a walk. We were seeing a show in front ofย Caesars Palace late that night so we wanted to get our bearings and see if we wanted to drive or walk. We wandered in and out of the casinos and hopped on the tram for a bit. We were able to see part of the fountain show at the Bellagio which was amazing! We made it back the to hotel and hung out a bit before it was time for the show. We ended up driving because we didn’t want to walk that far again, especially so late when we had to be up semi early the next morning. The show we saw was called Absinthe and it was absolutely fantastic! I hadn’t laughed that hard maybe ever. I was dying and the acts were phenomenal. We would definitely recommend it and would love to go again.

The next morning we got up and went to get a bottle of water as I was supposed to have a full bladder for the transfer. We weren’t very far from the clinic so when I got there my bladder wasn’t that full. They had bottles of water there so I grabbed one and chugged it…this is a mistake I will not repeat again (more on that later). I was able to meet a fellow surrogate that I had met through a Facebook group. She was having her transfer with her IFs at the same time in the same clinic, so crazy and cool! We chatted a bit then we got our blood drawn. Next they took me back to sign the consent forms. All this time my bladder is filling up. My transfer was scheduled first, but since the other surrogate had gotten there before me they took her back first, this did not help my bladder situation. They took me back, I got undressed from the waste down and wrapped in a sheet. Then I waited….and waited, all the time my bladder is getting more and more full. I begged them to let me use the bathroom and they let me with the promise that I didn’t fully empty my bladder. I should have gone more, but was worried they would have trouble with the transfer is I did. Back to more waiting….I had to beg to use the restroom again and again….I should have gone more and I didn’t. It was finally my turn. They brought my husband back and we took a picture with the doctor before I got up on the table. Here’s where the fun part starts. They have to do an ultrasound while doing the transfer to make sure the embryo ends up in the right spot. They don’t just do an ultrasound, they push the US wand down, hard on your bladder. To this day I don’t know how I didn’t pee on the table. Even the nurse doing the US was like “whoa, yeah her bladder is really full”. It took every ounce of strength and willpower not to pee right then and there. After the transfer I had to wait 18 minutes before I could get up. They said I could use a bed pan if I couldn’t wait that long, but nobody really wants that so I just spent the next 18 minutes holding it in.

After the 18 minutes I was allowed to use the restroom (Thank Goodness!) and got dressed. They gave me the post transfer instructions and the husband I headed out. We hit up Denny’s on the way back to the hotel for breakfast then I spent the rest of the day in bed. I was allowed up 15 minutes of every hour. It’s a weird feeling knowing there was a tiny little embryo in there. Logically I knew it couldn’t “fall out” but that doesn’t mean I didn’t tip toe around the hotel room haha! I wish I would have been able to walk around with my husband that day, but I think he enjoyed exploring anyway. He broke up his walks with bringing me food…such a good hubby!

We got up early the next day and flew back to my parents house to start Christmas festivities. I spent the next 2 days mostly on the couch per the RE’s orders. It was a good excuse to be lazy, but come 3 days post transfer I was more than ready to resume normal activities.

The rest is history!

Guess What’s Happening Friday!

I haven’t mentioned that we started a new cycle yet because I didn’t want to jinx us LOL

My last update left off with me taking medication to induce more bleeding to thin my endometrial lining some more. I took the last dose on a Friday evening. It was supposed to take 5-7 days to have more bleeding. By Monday I had started spotting. Tuesday there was more, heavier spotting. I thought for sure I’d wake up Wednesday to a regular period. Wrong, it completely stopped. I was so disappointed and frustrated. I figured the 5-7 days hadn’t passed yet so I’d just have to wait.

Thursday afternoon I decided to update my nurse coordinator at the clinic. She wrote back about 5pm that the heavy spotting I had could be all the bleeding I would have and the only way to know would be to go in for an ultrasound the next morning to see. She let me know that if we decided to start it would put me at a transfer date of 12/22 and wanted to know if we could make that work. I was absolutely shocked that transferring before Christmas was even was an option. I had just assumed that the earliest it would be was the end of December/beginning of January. Nope!

I of course said we could make it work and after some stressful back and forth with the imaging place and the fertility clinic between 5:15-5:45 I got scheduled for an ultrasound Friday morning.

Friday morning I went in and my lining was 4.6mm. That’s kind of borderline for going forward. Some clinics want under 5mm some under 4mm so I just had to wait. I got an email in the later afternoon saying that we were okay to move forward.

On Friday I had woken up to an email from B & R as we typically email at least once a week. This one mentioned that B is taking a trip to visit family for Christmas and was leaving on 12/21. I didn’t reply right away because I knew they had wanted to attend the transfer and obviously the timing would throw a wrench in their plans. I didn’t want to stress them out or worry then unnecessarily if we didn’t get the green light to go ahead. Once I got the green light I sent them an email and let them know what had transpired. The problem is by the time I get the results it’s the middle of the night for them so they have to wait until morning to get any new information. I let them know that we were more than happy to make the 12/22 date work, but if they really wanted to attend we could wait and do a cycle in January. I only wanted to go with 12/22 if they wanted to. They emailed me back later saying that they’d love to go with the 12/22 date if we were okay with then not being there. Its a bummer they’ll miss it, but none of us want to wait unless we have to.

I had another ultrasound on 12/12 to make sure my lining was increasing and it measured 10.6mm (it went up 6mm in 4 days!) I was a little worried it was moving too fast, but the clinic said it looked great. My last ultrasound was on 12/15 and my lining had gone down to 9mm. I thought for sure we’d have to cancel the cycle since it had dropped, but I also knew that usually they only want it above 7 or 8mm so it was still good from that standpoint. I worried all day, but got an email around 3pm saying everything looked great and we were good to go with the transfer (pending a blood test on 12/19) on Friday!!

Last night was the last injection of Lupron

In a bit when we get home it will be time to start progesterone injections. These are ones that go in my backside ๐Ÿ˜ wish me luck!!

More Pineapples!

If you haven’t already read thisย post you may not know that a lot of surrogates view pineapples as a sort of good luck charm. It has to do with the belief that eating pineapple, especially the core, for a few days before and after an embryo transfer can help the embryo implant. This is due the bromelain it contains. The previously mentioned post also contains a picture of the pineapple t-shirt I randomly found back in July not too long before my medical screening appointment.

When I had my ultrasound on 11/27, the one that didn’t go our way and cancelled our 12/14 transfer date, I didn’t even think about wearing my pineapple shirt like I did for my medical screening. I thought about it several days later and said I would remember to wear it to all subsequent ultrasounds, just in case. I can be a little superstitious, although I don’t go to great lengths with it because ain’t nobody got that kind of time.

Three days ago I was shopping around for a necklace to give as a Christmas gift. I was thumbing through them all and there tucked in the back was a gold pineapple necklace. It’s a bit random as we live hours from any beach and hundreds if not thousands of miles from where pineapples can grow. Nevertheless there is was. So I did the only logical thing and snatched it up, I mean it’s not going to hurt anything and I try to to be receptive to any sort of signs the universe throws my way ๐Ÿ™‚


So this beauty will be added to the pineapple t-shirt and will accompany my to my ultrasounds and if/when we get to do an embryo transfer you can bet I’ll be wearing them both….now I just need to find some pants to go with ๐Ÿ˜€

Quickish Update

I haven’t taken the time to write an update after my ultrasound appointment last Monday partly because I’ve been busy and partly because it wasn’t great news.

Fair warning: this post contains talk of bleeding and vaginal ultrasounds ๐Ÿ˜‚

Everything was going to plan. I started my period on time (even a bit early). Come Monday morning I went in to have my baseline ultrasound. This could have been super awkward because seriously who the hell wants to have a vaginal ultrasound when your still bleeding? No one. And what ultrasound tech wants to perform one? I’m going to guess none of them LOL Luckily for me the tech was super nice and very professional. She started doing her measurements and when she got to the endometrial lining she told me it was about 6mm. My heart sank. That’s much too high for a baseline. It should be around 4mm or lower. While the difference doesn’t sound like much it’s important to start with a fresh lining and 2mm is a big deal in the IVF world.

Long story short I found out that afternoon that we wouldn’t be able to keep our transfer date of 12/14. I wasn’t surprised, but I was super bummed. What did surprise me was what they decided on for a plan going forward. I thought that I’d probably have to go back on BCPs (birth control pills) and wait to have another period late this month. Instead the doctor prescribed me some medication to take for 5 days (I took my last dose last night). Apparently 5-7 days after I finish I should have another period. I have no idea how that works, but I’m hoping it works for me.

We won’t have a new transfer date until I start bleeding hopefully at the end of next week. The nurse didn’t tell me how long after the date might be, but I’m thinking it’ll be early next month although the end of this month would really be awesome.

So that’s where we are, just hurry up and wait. Fingers crossed for good news in the next couple weeks!