What’s Next?

There is a lot to get caught up on so this may be lengthy.

Last weekend I had another video chat with IFs to go over options since they had spoken with the clinic that week. They were hoping to have the final piece of information from ORM before our call, but that didn’t happen.

I had completely forgotten that they actually do have one more embryo. However, this last embryo is what’s considered mosaic. What that means is that when they tested the embryos when they were created, the embryo had a mixture of normal and abnormal cells. That’s the short explanation. If you want more info you can check out this site.

When their embryos were created 4ish years ago, clinics didn’t really know what to do with these gray area, mosaic embryos so they froze them, but didn’t intend to transfer them because they weren’t “normal”. The clinic told them that it was their policy not to transfer these embryos and if they wanted to use it they would have to have it moved to a different clinic. Since then there’s been more studies and views/recommendations have changed. In fact, I think that the type of testing they used isn’t even done anymore. It’s my understanding that if this last embryo was created/tested today that it would be considered normal, just lower quality and be available to transfer.

So what does all that mean for us? Well, if we were to transfer this last embryo it would have less of a chance of being successful. If the transfer itself worked there would be a higher chance of a miscarriage due to the presence of more than normal abnormal cells. Do transfers with mosaic embryos sometimes work? Yes. they do. There is a lot of information out there about why the testing may not give a full pictures of the embryo, but the specifics of it are too long to write about here. Suffice it to say that sometimes these mosaic embryos seem to correct themselves after a transfer and grow into a happy healthy baby. The other thing that they had to consider is if mosaic embryos are more likely to result in a baby that has special needs. As of now it does not appear that way. Of course the studies aren’t as broad as outcomes with normal embryos because for awhile a lot of clinics weren’t transferring these type of embryos. However, at this point it seems that there is not a higher chance compared to “normal” embryos. Obviously this is more info to consider when compared to transferring a “normal” embryo and I’ve learned more about them in the last few days than I thought I would ever need to know πŸ™‚

So back to our call….The bit of info that the IFs were waiting on at the time of our call was to know if the clinic would allow them to use/transfer this last embryo. We discussed what transferring this last embryo would mean in terms of chances of success or miscarriage. They encouraged me to do some research and talk to whoever I thought I needed to. They said that they have decided that if they aren’t able to transfer this embryo they would not pursue making more embryos or transferring this embryo to another clinic to be able to transfer it. Basically, after this embryo they’re done. I completely understand that decision and absolutely respect it. It’s a lot, more than I can imagine. I know they discussed all options and came to the conclusion that is best for their family, that’s all any of us can do. I let them know that, based on the information they gave me and what I already knew that I would be more than willing to give their last embryo a chance id the clinic says okay. I know they weren’t expecting an answer from me right then, but I already knew my answer. I told them that I would do some Googling and reading, but I couldn’t think of anything that would change my mind.

I understand that it’s unlikely the transfer will work and that even if it does that there is a higher risk of miscarriage, but those things aren’t reason enough to not give this embryo a shot. Sometimes I think back to when my husband and I were trying to get pregnant with our first. As the months went by with negative test after negative test it got harder and harder. After 11 months and some minor medical help we were finally pregnant with our son. In the thick of things all I wanted was to get pregnant. Thinking back on it now I can romanticize it a little and think maybe we were just waiting for the right egg. If we had conceived sooner we wouldn’t have the son we have now, we would have a completely different kid. Of course we would have loved that child too, but it’s hard to imagine life without Wyatt. That would have meant also that our daughter would be a different kid too because we would have started trying for #2 sooner as well. At the end of it I believe we ended up with the children we were supposed to have. How does that tie in with this situation? Well maybe the last embryo we transferred wasn’t the child IFs were meant to have, but maybe this last one is. We won’t know unless we try. If it doesn’t work out that’s okay, at least we gave it a shot.

They were still waiting to hear back from the clinic on Monday so I emailed our coordinator at the clinic under the guise of wondering about what the next steps would be if they got the approval to use the embryo. She emailed me back yesterday (Wednesday) letting me know that she had responded to them and what the next steps would be if they decide to move forward. IFs messaged me a bit later saying that the clinic has confirmed their policy has changed and they now allow transfer of mosaic embryos. They said that the clinic wants to have a call with them to go over the details of the next steps which they have scheduled some time next week.

For me the next step is waiting for the clinic to contact me and set up a call to go over next steps and give me some info on transferring a mosaic embryo. The coordinator said that the doctor would want another uterine evaluation as well. I start birth control pills on my next CD1. I’m not entirely sure when the new evaluation will be done or if it will mean another trip to Portland or if it can be done locally. Right now I’m just thrilled that we have one more slim shot at this which is better than no shot. I’ll update again when I have a clearer idea of when things will be happening.

Keep those fingers crossed for us! 🀞🏼🀞🏼