Small Update

Just thought I would pop on and give a little update.

IFs and surro babe #2 FINALLY made it home a couple weeks ago. They had been gone since around March 22 if I remember right. It wasn’t just a straight trip home either. They had to travel to another state, then they went and visited some family in another country. After that they visited family in their home country before finally heading home. I have to say this little girl is already a world traveler!

I can’t imagine being away from home so long and with a newborn (although she’s not really a newborn anymore!). I’m so happy for them to finally make it home. It’s like the ending of a saga LOL

I’m enjoying our warm & sunny autumn weather before the cold and snow sets in. The kids are playing soccer which has been fun for them, despite how hot it has been LOL They have to wear masks when they play which is hard when it’s 80 degrees out. They’re still enjoying it though.

We’re supposed to go to Hawaii right after Christmas. This is a trip we’ve had planned since January, so long before this COVID stuff. I doubt we’ll be able to go, but I haven’t cancelled or rescheduled it yet. I’m waiting to find out if Kauai is going to implement a 3 day quarantine for all arrivals in addition to the pre-trip testing. If they do then we’ll try to reschedule for spring.

The kids aren’t in school yet. They were supposed to start going back this week, but our local cases rose too high and now we’re looking at the beginning of November at the very earliest. It’s sad for them and hard for us, but we’re making it work. Luckily they have amazing teachers that are super helpful. I just know they aren’t learning as much being at home as they would be at school and that’s hard.

Overall we’re hanging in there. I’m already looking forward to 2021 and hoping it’s better than 2020 has been!