For whatever reason 37 weeks sounds so much further than 36. We’re at the point now where even though she would be considered “early term” she’s good to come any day now. Obviously we want her to wait until her parents are here so they don’t risk missing the birth or trying to find last minute international flights and a place to stay until their rental condo opens up.

Weekly Update

How far along: 37+1

How big is baby: about the size of a skunk (really, they couldn’t come up with a better animal than that?)…probably a little over 6 lbs and around 19 inches long.

Symptoms: off and on BHs, sore hips, swollen/sore feet. If I remember to take a heartburn pill at night it really helps keep it at bay the next day…but remembering is hit or miss LOL

Movement: She seems to have perked up again the last few days. She’s had a couple really big movements that I hope aren’t her moving from her head down position. I think it’s mainly her swinging her bum from one side to the other.

Sleep: I may have found what makes me sleep better. I used to walk for a half hour on the treadmill pretty much every night, but since summer started it’s been hard to make the time because we’re always outside until late. I finally made the time Saturday and Sunday night to hopefully help with the restless leg issue. After each time I spent some time on my yoga ball that arrived on Friday and the difference has been amazing already. I slept so much better both nights. I will have to continue to try and make the time to walk because it really does seem to help.

Miss anything? not having to pee all.the.time. It’s 1:30pm and I think I’ve gone to the bathroom maybe 10-15 times…it’s getting a little ridiculous. I can’t wait until I’m about to explode either because that triggers BHs and once I stand up the additional pressure from her makes it hard to get to the bathroom

Food cravings? some sweets, but mostly fruit…like all the fruit LOL my favorite it to get some strawberries, grapes, and blueberries (or whatever other berry is on sale) and mix in some vanilla Greek yogurt…sooooo yummy!

Anything making you queasy or sick? not really…my gag reflex has gone back to 1st tri status and I have to try to keep it in check when I brush my teeth

Progress: Honestly I’ve felt like a ticking time bomb. I have absolutely no reason to think she’s going to show up early, but I’m constantly wondering/worrying I’m going to wake up in the middle of the night with contractions or that my water is going to break any minute. I think it’s because if she decided to make her appearance now it’s likely her dads would miss the birth, but things are about to get really hectic in our family schedule with my oldest starting Kindergarten on the 5th. So while it’d be great if she came a little early that would mean her dads missing her birth and that would be really sad. So then it’s better if we make it to the induction date of 9/11, but that seems so far away and I’m feeling kind of done at this point. Anyway, all that to say I’m not having any labor signs. I have an OB appt on Wednesday. I don’t know if she’ll check dilation or not. If she was planning on it then I won’t refuse, but if she wasn’t then I don’t know that I’ll ask her too. Being so type A and wanting all the information even if it doesn’t predict labor might make it hard to not ask so we’ll see how I feel that day. At this point we/I won’t be doing anything to try and bring on labor. She can still benefit from cooking a little bit longer and of course we all want her parents there when she arrives. That being said I wouldn’t have a problem if she wanted to show up the night of 9/2 the day her parents get to town, although I’m sure they’d like a day or two to settle in first LOL

Best moment of the week? we got the kids a little 10 gallon aquarium for their room this weekend and they are so excited about it. They each got to pick out a fish for it and they love watching their fish swim around.



So where have I been? I had been so good about weekly updates…honestly I was doing better than I did with my own kids. Then our whirlwind last 3 weeks hit. The kids went to my parents’ house for 4 nights as their babysitter was on vacation. The hubs and I spent that entire time working and getting ready for our two week camping trip. I would get home from work and not sit down until at least 10pm every night. I was exhausted! Then the kids came home on Thursday and Saturday we left for 2 weeks of camping which was so much fun.

Our first stop was Loon Lake with my husband’s family. We all had a blast (even though my 3 year old was still refusing to poop and spent most of the days whining unless she was on the boat). The weather was perfect, not too hot and not too cold. It was great to just hang out with family by the lake and relax a bit.

After we were done at the lake we headed to the coast with my side of the family. While we were at the coast the temperatures at home climbed above 100 degrees and we were thrilled to be 30-40 degrees cooler. Some people might be bummed about 60 degree temperature during a beach vacation, but I certainly wasn’t. First off, it’s the Oregon coast and any day it’s not raining is a good day. Secondly, we had some sunny says, but honestly the summer sun beating down on me was not what I was looking for. Our best days on the beach were overcast, about 60 degrees, and no wind. It felt amazing. I enjoyed not sweating like a pig and not having my feet swell up everyday 🙂

Now we’re back to reality and heading into the home stretch of this pregnancy!

Weekly Update

How far along: 36+3

How big is baby: about the size of a Chihuahua…about 6lbs and 19 inches long

Symptoms: more BH contractions, some painful contractions (but not full on labor painful), heartburn fairly constantly, tired, achy, swollen feet….all the super fun end of pregnancy stuff 🙂

Movement: She’s not as active as she was a month ago because she’s running out of room, but she still passed her kick counts with flying colors.

Sleep: honestly? It sucks…I typically wake up around 4:30-5 and can’t fall back asleep for a couple hours which is right when I need to be getting up for the day.

Miss anything? a good night’s sleep…this might be what I’m looking forward to the most after delivery

Food cravings? sweets and fruit

Anything making you queasy or sick? not really, if I eat too much (for example a huge salad and personal size pizza LOL) I’m more just really uncomfortable not nauseous

(Adding in a new category since we’re getting close to the end)

Progress: I was going to call this part “labor signs”, but that seems misleading since none of the signs/symptoms are going to signal labor until I’m actually in labor so I went with “Progress” instead. As I mentioned, I’ve had some more painful contractions, but only like a 3/10 on the pain scale. They aren’t terrible, but I definitely notice them. At my OB appt on Monday I saw a doctor other than my regular OB and she did a cervical check. I was super surprised when she said I’m about 2cm dilated already. That absolutely doesn’t mean that labor is anywhere close, but I looked at it as 2 cm I don’t have to do later LOL It also means that if we make it to the 9/11 induction date that it has a better chance of going smoothly. I’m not sure if my regular OB will do another check next week or not. Some people refuse them because they don’t like them, don’t want to get their hopes up that labor is near, don’t want to irritate the cervix, or a number of other reasons. Me on the other hand like to have all the information I can. I already know that it doesn’t mean I’m having this baby anytime soon, but I like knowing that I only have 8cm to go instead of 10! The doctor also confirmed that she’s head down (which she has been for several weeks) which is good. Hopefully she’s comfy that way and doesn’t try to turn around. Some of her movements feel huge so after them I’m usually checking to see where her body parts are.

Best moment of the week? enjoying the cooler weather last week and just being on a family vacation. I love watching our kids have so much fun with their cousins and just enjoying camping like my husband and I did when we were kids (although our kids are pretty spoiled by the fact that we have a travel trailer that includes bunk beds for them).


So apparently I never add the bump pic and posted this…oops! I’m going to write an updated post soon. We’ve been out of town the last 2 weeks so there’s some catching up to do!

Weekly Update

How far along: 33+1

How big is baby: about the size of a ferret…the pregnancy app says that at this point there can be a large discrepancy in size from baby to baby. They go through growth spurts at different times so they’re not all around the same size like earlier in pregnancy. So she’s 4-6lbs and between 17-19 inches long

Symptoms: Continued Braxton Hicks…heartburn especially when I’m hungry, some minor swelling in my feet, but nothing bad

Movement: Still moving a lot. My daughter was playing with her on Saturday. She would put her hand on my belly and shake it a little bit saying “wake up baby” and the baby would push back against Liv’s hand. Liv thought it was hilarious.

Sleep: I’ve been waking up with back pain between my shoulder blades which isn’t fun. There have also been some nights where I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep for an hour or more.

Miss anything? not being tired all the time

Food cravings? sweets, Mexican food, hamburgers

Anything making you queasy or sick? eating too much sugar or eating too much

Best moment of the week? Last week was pretty uneventful other than a 5 year old with a monster heat rash and a 3 year old that decided to refuse to poop…not just refuse to poop on the toilet, but to go at all….so that’s been fun.


Nothing really new going on this week since I already posted about the GD test results and the induction date. It’s definitely a relief for me to have an end date and I’m sure it takes a little stress off of the dads to know that they won’t be waiting here for 2+ weeks for a baby. Since they have to stay in Oregon for about 2-3 weeks after the baby is born to get paperwork sorted out, I think knowing that they won’t need to spend extra time waiting on the baby to arrive probably helps them plan. I’m sure they’ll be more than ready to head home after a month here.

Weekly Update

How far along: 32+1

How big is baby: about the size of an naked-tailed armadillo, around 18 inches long and about 4 pounds

Symptoms: There’s been an uptick in Braxton Hicks the last week I think due, at least in part, to the heat. I have heartburn what feels like constantly. I have Tums stashed pretty much everywhere. It helps if I don’t let my stomach get empty, but sometimes it seems to happen for no reason. Still some minor swelling my feet which I expect to stay with me until she arrives

Movement: We spent the first half of Saturday walking around and she was very quiet until we got back in the truck and I sat down. She also picks up her activity right before I go to bed.

Sleep: Not great, but not terrible. Last night wasn’t restful, but that was because of my own kids and the fact that it was warm in the house

Miss anything? not being so tired or getting out of breath so easily

Food cravings? sweets, Mexican food, sandwiches

Anything making you queasy or sick? eating too much. My stomach is definitely getting more cramped in there

Best moment of the week? We went camping for the weekend a couple hours south of our house. There’s a place there called the Train Mountain Railroad and it’s 37 miles of track for miniature/model trains (big enough for people to ride on though). Every Saturday during the summer the members and volunteers give free rides to the public on about a mile and half of track. It was a blast. The waiting/concession area was nice and shady as was most of the track we rode on. They open at 10 and we got there about 10:30. There was hardly any wait, which is always a bonus when you have kids. We were able to take two rides and have some snow cones. Wyatt and Olivia both really enjoyed themselves and mentioned more than once how much fun it was. We really enjoyed the area and I’m already planning on another trip next summer.

31+1 and Test Results

I went in on Saturday to do my 3 hour glucose tolerance test. Let me tell you that if you’re looking for a super fun, exciting way to spend half your Saturday….that is not the way to do it LOL Luckily I had a couple World Cup games to watch while I waited between blood draws.

For those not familiar with this test it consists of fasting for 8 hours before. Then you go in and they draw your blood and check your fasting blood sugar level. They then give you 10oz of sugar to drink…well it’s 10oz of liquid with 100g of sugar in it. You have 5 minutes to drink it and a word to the wise, don’t try to chug it. Take the 5 minutes, your stomach will thank you. Then you have your blood drawn 1 hour later, 2 hours later, and 3 hours later. You can’t leave the lab area in the time and you can’t eat anything until after the last draw. You can drink water throughout though.

The way my lab does it is they run your initial and last draw through a glucometer before they send them to the lab so they can see those two numbers immediately. The middle two draws just go to the lab. The tech explained that they do this so they can make sure your fasting level isn’t too high because if it was then they wouldn’t want to give you the drink full of sugar. They do it the last time to make sure the level isn’t too low before you drive home.

So here are my results:
Draw: Guideline: My Number:

Fasting <95 78

1 hour <180 178

2 hour <155 152

3 hour <140 72

So according to the guidelines I technically passed. The nurse who called me with my results said that my OB hadn’t seen them yet and she may recommend some diet modifications or something, but that I had passed. I have an OB appointment on Thursday so I’m sure we’ll discuss the results then. I’m very curious to see what she’ll recommend or want me to do. I’m really hoping she doesn’t want to redo the test between now and my due date (I read sometimes providers will have the test redone in 4 weeks). I’m also interested in how this will affect my labor/delivery plans. With gestational diabetes they don’t let you go past your due date as the placenta can breakdown faster and the baby can be bigger. So I was induced at 40 weeks last pregnancy. Since I have technically passed the GD test I’m curious if she’ll just let me go into labor naturally, if she’ll want to induce close to my due date because the numbers were so close, or if she’ll recommend an induction around 41, or something else. Being type A I like to have a rough outline of the plan even though I’m usually pretty good with any last minute changes, I really like to have an idea. With all these variables and scenarios rattling around my head I’m looking forward to getting some answers this Thursday.

Weekly Update

How far along: 31+1

How big is baby: about the size of an otter minus the tail, around 17.5 inches long and just over 3.5 pounds

Symptoms: Still tired, I don’t really see that symptom going anywhere before she’s born. Fewer Braxton Hicks recently which is nice. I’m noticing a little swelling in my feet if it’s hot and I’m up and around a lot. It’s not bad, but my socks left nice marks on my ankles the other day

Movement: She’s slowed down a bit, I think because she has less and less room. She’s still very active, but just less so than she was a couple weeks ago (she’s kicking and rolling as I type this)

Sleep: It’s better now that I’m over the cold I had last week. I don’t sleep well when my nose is stuffy.

Miss anything? not being so tired or getting out of breath so easily

Food cravings? sweets, Mexican food

Anything making you queasy or sick? eating too much. My stomach is definitely getting more cramped in there

Best moment of the week? Taking my son to see Jurassic World yesterday. He was sooo excited and enjoyed it so much


I got the call last week that I do in fact have to take the 3 hour glucose tolerance test. I tried to do it during the week last week, but fitting 3+ hours into an already tight schedule just wasn’t going to work and we were out of town last weekend. The nurse told me that it was fine if I needed to wait until this upcoming Saturday so that’s what I’m going to do. I’m not looking forward to it, but I’m ready to get it over with and just know one way or the other. It’s kind of the only “chore” I need to get done before I can go completely into summer mode so I’ll be glad when it’s done regardless of the results really.

Weekly Update:

How far along: 30+1…30 sounds so much further along than 29. Maybe it’s because we’ll be in the 30s from now until my due date

How big is baby: about the size of a platypus minus the tail, almost 17 inches long and just about 3.5 pounds…she should be adding on about a 1/2 a pound a week which just sounds crazy

Symptoms: Tired, on and off Braxton Hicks. They don’t usually hurt, but they make it hard to breathe, like my lungs get cramped so I feel out of breath until it passes

Movement: Still active and can make my stomach shake and roll pretty good when she’s in the mood

Sleep: not bad, I actually slept from about 11:30p-4:30a without having to get up and use the bathroom. That’s pretty dang good for me these days!

Miss anything? not getting out of breath just bending over to pick stuff up LOL

Food cravings? sweets, fruit, hamburgers, Mexican food

Anything making you queasy or sick? eating too much. My stomach is definitely getting more cramped in there

Best moment of the week? My daughter turned 3 yesterday (where does the time go?!) she was so happy it was finally her birthday and just lit up every time someone mentioned it

29 weeks

I had my gestational diabetes screening last Wednesday. I got a call from the office in the early afternoon. She said my number was 134. She then went on to say that it used to be everything under 140 was considered good, but they have since changed it to anything under 130…because of course they have. She said when people fall between the two numbers they let the doctor decide based on history and risk factors if the 3 hour test is needed. My doctor was out of the office all last week so I didn’t get an answer one way or the other. I haven’t heard from the office yet today. I’m hoping I’ll get an answer by the end of the day, but I’m almost positive she will have me do the 3 hour test. I’m definitely not looking forward to it in the slightest especially since it’s super hard to take 3 1/2 hours out of the day during the week and we’re out of town this upcoming Fri-Sun so the weekend isn’t an option. So I’m still in limbo which I’m never happy to be in. I like to know one way or the other and hate to be left “hanging”. If I don’t hear by tomorrow afternoon then I will contact the office. Luckily they’re pretty good about getting back about things promptly.

Weekly Update:

How far along: 29+1

How big is baby: about the size of a New England Cottontail Rabbit, 16 inches long and just about 3 pounds…she’ll likely be at least doubling that weight in the next 11 weeks!

Symptoms: Tired, the Braxton Hicks have slowed down and don’t usually come with the painful cramping I was having which is great. I still get heartburn when I’m hungry, but it hasn’t been terrible. I did have a dream last night that I was trying to decide what Zantac package to buy though LOL

Movement: She’s still a mover and a shaker. I did my first “kick count” last night and it took her 4 minutes to reach the 10 movements they look for. They want to see at least 10 movements in an HOUR so she’s just a bit of an over achiever.

Sleep: I didn’t sleep much Saturday night, but overall it hasn’t been terrible

Miss anything? not getting out of breath just bending over to pick stuff up LOL

Food cravings? sweets, fruit, hamburgers, Mexican food

Anything making you queasy or sick? eating too much. My stomach is definitely getting more cramped in there

Best moment of the week? Spending the weekend doing fun stuff with the kids. We took them to see the Incredibles 2 on Saturday and we took them swimming on Sunday.


Oh man guys, last week was rough, emotionally and physically. I came down with some sinus thing about a week and a half ago and I didn’t sleep more than a couple hours for 6 or 7 nights. This led to me being utterly exhausted. Add in an almost 5 year old who has decided to start having a major attitude and an almost 3 year old who feels the need to whine about everything and I was about to lose my damn mind. I felt like I was on the verge of a meltdown for the whole week. I was so short tempered and irritable that it certainly didn’t help in the kid department. I knew I was being irritable, but I just could not do anything about it. Thank God I have an understanding husband who knew I wasn’t sleeping and understood when I told him that I realized I was being a brat, but I literally couldn’t stop myself from yelling at the kids. Friday night I finally got a good nights sleep and didn’t have to wake up early and I have been feeling sooooo much better! It’s amazing what a little sleep can do. It makes me thankful again that this little one will be leaving the hospital with her dads and I won’t have to wake up all night to do feedings or change diapers 😉

I’m so glad to be feeling back on track emotionally and we had a really great family weekend (despite the kids’ attitudes). Hopefully I can stay healthy from now until September so I don’t have another week like that.

Weekly Update:

How far along: 27+1 (6 more days until 3rd trimester!)

How big is baby: about the size of a fennec fox, 15 inches long and over 2 pounds

Symptoms: I’m definitely feel like I’m heading into 3rd tri. I get heartburn everyday when I’m hungry. Tums were helping, but I’m thinking I may need to bump it up to taking Zantac. I’m having Braxton Hicks everyday and a lot of the time they are accompanied by some decent cramps in my lower abdomen. They are often strong enough to make me stop what I’m doing and take a minute to wait for them to pass. I’m not concerned about them though as they aren’t regular and definitely aren’t labor type contractions. I’ll mention them to my OB on Wednesday, but I fully expect her to tell me they’re completely normal.

Movement: I finally caught some good strong kicks on video and sent it to her dads and they were able to see them clearly this time. She is so hard to catch on camera or even just with my hand. The moment I lay my hand on my belly to feel her kicks she stops. I don’t know how she knows, but I swear she does and refuses to perform for anyone LOL

Sleep: Much better since my sinus issue resolved.

Miss anything? being able to wear regular jeans. Spending Saturday in a pair of maternity jeans reminded me why I basically live in leggings and dresses. I was pulling them up every 5 seconds and it drove me batty!

Food cravings? had a completely random craving for a fruit tart on Saturday night…that’s one I’ve never had before LOL Other than that just the usual, sweets and Mexican food. Pizza usually gets my taste buds watering too

Anything making you queasy or sick? too much sugar (GD screening is next week so I have another few days to enjoy my sweets)

Best moment of the week? catching little miss on video to show her dads and taking our kids to The Reptile Zone. My snake/lizard loving boy was in absolute heaven and Liv thought it was pretty cool too. She kept looking at the snakes and going “awww he’s so cute!”

Next appointment: June 13th is my next OB appt, then GD screening sometime next week

I feel like the bump is definitely bigger. I think she’s changed positions since last week. I’m pretty sure she’s still head down, but now I think her back is on my left because I feel the most movement on my right side. I’m interested to see what position my OB thinks she’s in.


Weekly Update:

How far along: 26+1

How big is baby: about the size of a slow loris, over 14 inches long and about 2 pounds

Symptoms: I’ve been feeling pretty good overall. I get some minor swelling in my feet if I’m on them for too long or if it’s hot out. My back gets tired too if I’m running around or yesterday when we spent the afternoon doing yard work. All in all it’s been a good last couple days.

Movement: She is so strong! I can easily feel her movements with my hand (if I’m in the right place at the right time) and can see her movements fairly often. I’m pretty sure based on where I feel certain types of movement that she’s head down with her back on my right side. I don’t remember having any idea what position my own kids were in so it’s interesting to have an idea this time. Maybe I’m just getting better at distinguishing kicks versus head movements LOL

Sleep: I’ve had some type of sinus thing since last week so I have not slept much the last 4 nights. It’s starting to catch up with me and I’m pretty tired today.

Miss anything? sleep, it makes me look forward to the fact that I won’t have a newborn after she’s born and I won’t have to wake up at night to feed or change diapers 😀

Food cravings? still craving Mexican food and sweets.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Not drinking enough water. If I stay on top of that I feel pretty good

Best moment of the week? getting our garden finished up

Next appointment: June 13th is my next OB appt, I’ll have my GD test soon as well

Viability Day!

Yesterday at 24 weeks we reached Viability Day. For those not familiar 24 weeks marks the point when the baby is considered viable. Babies born at this time have a reasonable chance of survival (with significant medical interventions). The odds for survival go up every week and I do love seeing that percentage get higher and higher.

Weekly Update:

How far along: 24+1

How big is baby: about the size of an Arctic Puffin, a little over foot long and by the end of the week weighs about 1.5lbs

Symptoms: still tired (it hasn’t helped that we’ve had sick kiddos in our house who aren’t sleeping well), some sporadic back aches, but nothing terrible. Braxton Hicks contractions, mostly when I have a full bladder…which can be kind of frequently LOL

Movement: She is a strong little girl when she wants to be. She rolls around a lot, more than I remember my own kids doing it. She either doesn’t like to be pushed on or she’s trying to get comfortable because if my pants are pushing on my lower belly or I lean against a counter she’s instantly kicking and rolling around until I move.

Sleep: Not great over the weekend (sick kids), but not terrible last night.

Miss anything? not having to get up 3+ times to pee

Food cravings? taco salad again…we had it at a birthday party on Saturday (I had two plates of it!). Then I made it last night because it sounded so good and I brought it for lunch today. Still craving sweets too, but not as much as before.

Anything making you queasy or sick? The kids trying to sit on my belly will do it. If I’m sitting on the couch they will try to crawl all over me not realizing that they can’t get comfy because I’ve got a big ol’ bump now. This poor baby gets knees and elbows thrown at her daily, luckily she’s nice an insulated 😉

Best moment of the week? Spending the weekend with my husband’s family

Next appointment: Sometime in June, I don’t remember the date exactly. I’ll have my GD test in about 3 weeks as well.

I feel like she shifted position to be a bit higher than last week. Last week I felt like my bump was actually a little smaller and her movements felt a lot lower. This week she seems more out in front again and the bump feels large and in charge.