7 Weeks

Weekly Update:

How far along: 7 weeks

How big is baby: Size of a blueberry, about .5in

IVF meds: 1mL Progesterone daily, 1 progesterone tab PV twice a day, baby aspirin daily, .3mL Delestrogen Mondays and Fridays.

Symptoms: The nausea has ramped up the last couple days which is a good sign, but not fun to deal with. I’m also tired on one the weekdays when I can’t sleep in. I’m happy tomorrow is the kids’ last day of school. I’ll still have work 4 days a week, but won’t have to wake up quite so early.

Sleep: On weekdays I’m exhausted even if I go to bed early. I sleep okay most nights. I’ve been waking up around 3-4 with nausea. I’ve been able to go back to sleep within an hour or so.

Food cravings? I’ve had more cravings this week. Strawberries w/ pound cake (which my husband was kind enough to go get one night for me), pizza, bagel w/ peanut butter, salad

Doesn’t that look amazing?? It was

Aversions: I’m adding this one in here because I’ve had some strong ones. Meat…I had to step away from cooking the meat for dinner last night and let the hubs finish it. Pizza…yes it was a craving, then I had some yesterday and can’t even think about eating the last slice.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Eating too much or having an empty stomach. I have to stay on top of my snacking, but it’s hard when nothing sounds good

Best moment of the week? Seeing the heartbeat and having baby measure right on track at the ultrasound

Next appointment: not sure yet. The imaging clinic didn’t send the report to the fertility clinic so we’re waiting for that to happen then we’ll know. I should have another ultrasound around the 1st of July


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