Ultrasound Results

The morning of the ultrasound finally arrived! I swear the wait between the 2nd beta-hCG results and the first ultrasound has been the longest 2+ weeks ever. I was surprised that I actually got some sleep last night. I was more nervous for this ultrasound than any of my other ones over all my pregnancies, it was a combination of this being a mosaic embryo and it being their last one.

I had some pretty good nausea in the middle of the night and woke up with some as well. Luckily it seems to get better when I get up and drink my protein shake. My stomach still wasn’t happy, but it was more manageable. I got the kids ready for school and after I dropped them off I went to the lab to get blood work done.

After that I killed some time until my ultrasound appointment. I got all checked in and was brought back to a second waiting area. They were running a little late so I sat there longer than I liked with my nerves!

She finally called me back. It was a tech I had had before and she’s awesome so I was glad to see her. She started with an abdominal ultrasound, but let me know because of how early I am she may need to do a vaginal one as well. She put the transducer on and we pretty much immediately saw a gestational sac. Now, for whatever reason I’ve been worrying about discovering a blighted ovum at this ultrasound. A blighted ovum is when there’s a gestational sac that develops, but there’s no baby in it. I don’t know why I was so worried about this particular situation.

Pretty quickly after seeing the gestational sac I caught a glimpse of a blob inside. That was enough to let me know it wasn’t a blighted ovum. Now to see that beautiful little flicker of a heartbeat. She zoomed in and at the same time we said “I think there’s a little flicker.” Sure enough there was a tiny little heartbeat. She did some other measurements then measured the baby who was measuring 6w5d and I’m 6w6d so right on track! Then she measured the heartbeat. They don’t listen to it until the second trimester, but they measure the rate. Today it was measuring 142 which is perfect.

Then she said she was going to do the vaginal ultrasound as well to get a better image to measure. During that one baby continued to measure 6w5d and heartrate was 141 so nice and consistent. She printed out a picture of the little bean to share with the IFs.

More blob than baby 😊

I was so relieved after seeing the baby and the heartbeat. It was so nice to know that all these symptoms are because of a healthy baby growing away. It makes them easier to deal with when you know it’s for a good reason.

My next one should be around the 1st of July…which would be kind of funny because it would be my daughter’s birthday and today’s ultrasound happened to fall on my son’s birthday. I’m sure we’ll hear from the clinic this afternoon with next steps.


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