Transfer Tomorrow!

We made it to the eve of transfer day! I meant to hope on here last week after I started the progesterone to update on how it was going, but we’ve been busy. Work was hectic the week before Christmas, add in getting ready for being at my parents for a week, and a snow\winter storm life was a bit crazy for a minute.

I’m here with an update now though! Progesterone has been going mostly good. There was one day when the hubs totally messed up on the placement which made for a very sore glute muscle for a few days. Other than that both areas are a little sore, but nothing too bad.

I had blood work done on the 23rd, the morning after my first progesterone injection. The results came back great and we got the confirmation that 12/28 is transfer day! The hotel is booked for tomorrow night and the next night so I can complete bed rest.

Arrival time is 1:30pm. Of course the area is having a rare December snow so we’ll leave extra early to make sure we get there on time. I will breathe a sigh of relief when the embryologist come in and tells me the embryo has been thawed and has picked up cell reproduction. Because they only have one embryo this time if it doesn’t survive the thaw then there will be no transfer. I didn’t think much about this last time because they had two embryos at that time and if one didn’t survive they could thaw the other. I’m just sending good vibes out there that everything goes smoothly tomorrow.

I have both my pineapple shirts, one to wear one to bring. I have my pineapple necklace and a lucky bracelet. I even remembered to bring my transfer socks that the agency sent me last time.

Cross all your fingers and toes for us tomorrow! I will update when we get settled into our hotel tomorrow evening.


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