Lining Check Results

This morning I went in for my lining check ultrasound.

I had the sweetest tech. She was asked lots of questions about surrogacy and my experience with it. She kept mentioning making money from it which was kind of weird, but some people don’t know much outside of that so I just ignored those comments.

I’ve seen some GC’s say that their techs wouldn’t tell them what the measurements are or anything. That would be so frustrating. Fortunately, that was not the case this morning. She said that my lining was measuring about 11mm (which is great). She told me the size of the biggest follicles in my ovaries which were about what they want them to be (they don’t want them too big because that would indicate ovulation soon which is no good).

Then I saw her put the letter “FF” next to a dark spot off to the side. I immediately knew what those letters stood for and my stomach dropped. FF=Free Fluid. Free fluid is not good in these ultrasounds. I asked her just to confirm my suspicion. She said it was fluid, but that it was a really tiny area of it.

I’ve never had fluid before, but I had seen other GCs in groups who did. Sometimes transfers had to be canceled if there was too much because it can affect implantation of the embryo. I had no idea what the little bit of fluid would mean for us. I stressed about it all day knowing it would be after 3 before I heard anything.

I’ve read that sometimes REs will prescribe mucinex to try and dry it out then do another ultrasound a few days later. I’ve also seen cycles cancelled. I turned to my surrogacy Facebook groups for some help. They reminded me (I had read this before, but had forgotten) that the progesterone usually dries it up once it’s started. I had my fingers crossed that it was such a small amount that they felt the progesterone would take care of it.

Just a few minutes after 3 while I was in the school pick up line I got a text telling me I had a message in my patient portal. Honestly I panicked a little, sure that they were going to be telling me the cycle was cancelled. I fumbled around trying to open the message while internally freaking out a bit.

Boy was I glad I was wrong! (She has the wrong transfer date on here. We talked after and confirmed it’s actually 12/28)

I’m so so happy that they thought it all looked great! My lining was even thicker than I originally thought (yay POM juice, exercise, and yoga….well and the delestrogen 😆) ar 14mm. I had seen this measurement right at the end, but wasn’t sure when she was measuring at that point.

So progesterone starts next week and transfer is in 12 days 🥰


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