That’s one day past transfer…more specifically 1dp5dt, 1 day past a 5 day (old embryo) transfer.

The transfer went great yesterday. I got to see my friend who works there again which is an added bonus. The embryo thawed well and looked like it was starting to hatch when they took the picture that was up on the screen in the transfer room. The embryologist this time didn’t give me any info about the embryo like the last time, but I assume all was good since we did the transfer.

After that we headed to the hotel to start my bed rest. Today I’m hanging out watching TV (A League of Their Own at the moment), reading, and scrolling social media. I’m looking forward to tomorrow morning when I get out of bed and take a shower.

I haven’t decided when/if I’ll test. IFs don’t want to know any results so I won’t be posting anything here if I do take some. I didn’t buy any ahead of time so I wouldn’t be tempted to start too early.

We’re busy the next few days (after today of course) with family things and traveling back home so I probably won’t update until the 3rd or so. Keep those fingers and toes crossed!


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