3 Days Until Lining Check

I’ve been drinking my POM juice, doing my yoga poses, using my heating pad, and taking my meds to hopefully get my lining nice and thick before my ultrasound on Thursday. We were out of town this weekend so there was a couple days where an extra (everything other than meds, meds are always done every day) got skipped, but over all I’ve been trying to do each extra everyday. They may or may not make a difference, but it makes me feel like I’m doing something because I only take the delestrogen injection on Mondays and Fridays.

Speaking of the delestrogen injection, I had my husband do my last one and will keep having him do it. It’s just easier and quicker. Although when he did it he only injected half the dose because it is a thick liquid and he thought he had done it all. I went to take the needle off to dispose of it and noticed half the med still in the syringe. This meant he had to do another injection to get the rest of the dose. I’m sure tonight he will make sure he gets all of it out of the syringe the first time 😆 Other than that it was easy and not very painful. This med doesn’t cause any soreness or anything because it’s such a small amount and is only done 2x a week.

Keep your fingers crossed for a fluffy lining on the 16th!!


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