Time To Fluff Up!

This is going to be a longer update as there was some back and forth after my first blood draw.

I took my last BCP (birth control pill) last Sunday Nov. 28th. Typically my cycle starts 3-4 days after that. It ended up being a very stressful week at work and come Thursday there was not a single sign the CD 1 was coming. Finally Thursday afternoon I started having a little bit of bleeding. I decided to call it good and email the clinic that it was CD 1 because I expected it to pick up. The coordinator emailed back that she would look out for my blood work results the next day. Now, here’s where I’m glad that I emailed her even if I had barely started bleeding. I thought, because on my calendar it says blood test “to be scheduled”, that we needed to wait for CD 1 then we would decide which day to do the blood work, like we did last time. Not the case this time around so I’m glad I emailed. Thursday evening the bleeding tapered off and I thought “oh crap, it’s not actually CD1”.

Friday morning it was for sure CD 1 or 2 and I went in for the blood work. I knew the estradiol level was going to be higher than they wanted because my cycle had just started. I got the results around noon (it was 93 and they want under 60), but didn’t hear from the coordinator until 4pm. Here’s the issue with them waiting until the end of the day to do their updates and such, they turn their phones off at 3:30pm and you can only call the answering service. I received the update via the patient portal on their website. It said the number was higher than they wanted and that the reviewing doctor wanted me to increase my lupron to 2x a day and go in for another blood test and an ultrasound on Monday (today) to rule out a cyst. I sent a message back in the patient portal, but you can’t send messages directly to a person only a department. I know they’re trying to get away from email and prefer using the portal, but I don’t like it. It’s difficult to use on my phone which is what I’m checking messages on 99% of the time. I sent the message, but decided to try and call as well because it was kind of time sensitive with them about to leave for the weekend. I wanted to know if I could go in either Saturday or Sunday for another blood test as this is exactly what happened last time and my numbers dropped quickly. I called the answering service who then contacted the clinic to see if I could talk to someone. Another person from the clinic came on and said she was going to try and help because people were starting to leave for the day. She quickly realized I needed to talk to my actual coordinator who was on the phone. I told her that I needed to talk to her before the weekend so could she please call me back.

My actual coordinator called me like 5 minutes later. I explained the situation. She said that the reviewing dr had ordered the ultrasound and blood work for Monday and we still had to plan on that. However, that we could also do blood work on Sunday and see what the number and go from there. I got off the phone with her and called the imaging center in town (the only one). Unsurprisingly, they didn’t have any appointments available (in our town or their other location 30 mins away). When I asked what someone does when an ultrasound needs to be done on a certain day and she said that I could call for cancellations on Monday morning, but other than that there were no other options. Well, that’s awesome, not to mention stressful. I emailed my coordinator letting her know that there were no appointments available and that I was at a loss of what to do because there weren’t any other options. I told her I knew that she probably wouldn’t get the email until Monday and that I would call the clinic the next day when they opened to see if anyone else could help me.

A few minutes later I got a reply from my coordinator that we would just plan on the blood work on Sunday and hopefully it will be low enough that the ultrasound wouldn’t be needed. I thanked her for answering after hours and then sent many wishes into the universe that my number would drop enough by Sunday morning.

I got up early Sunday morning to be at the clinic when they opened. I then went home and went back to bed. When I woke up my results were in, 62.3. Much, much better, but still not under the 60 cutoff. I was fairly sure that we would be okay as they want it under 60 before starting the delestrogen (scheduled to start tonight) which gave me another 36 hours or so for the number to get lower. Early that afternoon I got an email from our coordinator (so sweet of her to update me outside of normal hours) that the number was much lower which was great news and that she would review it with the doctor first thing in the morning.

This morning I anxiously awaited her email letting me know the plan. About 9am I saw it pop up and opened it immediately and was so relieved to see that my actual doctor there (before it was just the dr that was there) reviewed the info and said that an ultrasound isn’t needed. I get to go ahead with my med calendar as planned! That means I start delestrogen tonight, which is an intermuscular injection that goes in the upper outer hip/glute area. The needles are much bigger and longer than the little Lupron needles. I haven’t decided if I’m going to do it myself or have the hubs do it. I did them last time and it was fine, but it’s an awkward angle. I’ll probably try it myself first then if it’s too hard I’ll call in backup.

I’m so excited to be moving on to the next step, fluffing up that lining!! I’ve got my pomegranate juice in the fridge and will start my yoga poses tonight. Neither of those are proven to help increase the lining, but I like to feel like I’m doing more than just the injections to help. I did them with both my other transfers so I’ll do them again. I usually put a heating pad on my belly before bed for a bit too. Again, not proven to do anything, but at least it feels good!

My next appointment is on the 16th. That will be an ultrasound to check lining thickness and blood work to check Estradiol levels again. Fingers crossed that it’s smooth sailing from here! I kept telling myself that this little issue with the blood work was just us getting the hiccups and stress out of the way early so it can so smoothly from here on out. I really really hope that’s true! It’s so stressful when things don’t go how they’re supposed to.

Happy Monday!


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