Not Really An Update…

With all this waiting I’ve been doing lately I’ve gone back and read my first blog posts. I have really enjoyed remembering that time and how exciting it all was, matching with IFs, getting medical & legal clearance, and then transferring (which made me realize that I never actually did a blog post about the transfer like I said I was going to! I wish I would have and maybe I’ll add the info to one of those old posts so I don’t forget it). All that old reading made me want to make sure to write plenty of posts this time around so that I can read over them later. Hopefully this journey goes well so that these posts can bring good memories like the ones from 2017 are doing now.

So, while I don’t really have an update I decided to try to write every week anyway.

I spoke with the matching coordinator at the agency (the one I’ve been in contact with this whole time) last Friday (5 days ago) as she asked me to call her. She let me know that some of the people involved at matching GCs w/ IPs had gotten together and they all felt I would be a better fit with the international couple as opposed to the domestic couple and she wanted to make sure I was okay with working with international IPs again (um…of course! I thought I had already made that clear, but I guess she wanted to double check). So once I said yes she said they were going to send my profile to the potential IPs that day and that I should have their answer and information (if they say they want to move forward) by early this week. Come Monday morning I have a text from the agency asking to verify my hourly wage and an email from her asking for an updated family picture (which was from December because I have basically no full family photos on my phone LOL). So I sent her all the info she needed and she let me know they would be sending the IPs my profile that day. I’m a little curious as to how they didn’t already have my profile put together since it’s been over a month since I applied and why it wasn’t sent out on Friday like I had been told it would be, but they have seemed so disorganized this go around that I’m not surprised. I didn’t say anything about it because it doesn’t really matter at this point.

Today is Wednesday so I figured this would be the earliest I would hear anything and, as it’s 5pm on the East Coast, I’m guessing I won’t get anything today. I will give it until midday tomorrow before I shoot a text to see if it’s reasonable to expect something this week or if I should plan on waiting until next week. I really hope that all this disorganization and back and forth don’t mess with me having a late summer transfer. Maybe since last time matching was so fast and contracts took so long it will be the opposite this time LOL a girl can dream, right?

So that’s my not update for my future self. If I get any more information this week I’ll likely post again, if not I plan on posting in a week anyway so future me has more posts to read!


One thought on “Not Really An Update…

  1. Gotta love those time differences, am I right?! I hope things move along quickly this time, and that the agency gets their act together. I would go insane with all the disorganization! I look forward to reading your updates!

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