Intro Call Soon!

Last week I woke up every morning checking my phone to see if I had any new emails regarding the potential IPs. When Thursday morning rolled around I did the same thing, but apparently made the mistake of just looking at my notifications instead of opening my email app. After dropping the kids off I remembered I needed to let the agency person that I didn’t receive the mail they had sent me. I sent her a quick text letting her know and she immediately called me to go over a few things. She mentioned that she had sent me the introductory info for these IPs so I could look that over when I had a chance…..huh? Like I said, I made the mistake of not opening the actual email app so I missed the email she sent before I was even awake that morning. After hanging up the phone I got all settled and opened the email.

The introductory email with this agency consists of a letter the potential IPs write to the potential GC telling a little bit about themselves. With my first set of IPs they included a couple pictures of themselves as well. There were no pictures this time around, but a nice letter telling me a little bit about each of them. From reading it they seem like very sweet, adventurous guys. It seems like they have done a lot of travelling that I would love to learn more about because I LOVE talking travel. They are from different countries, but met when they were both living in the UK (not either of their home country). It seems rather serendipitous, being from two completely different parts of the world then ending up in the same country at the same time and meeting each other. I think it’s a sweet story and can’t wait to hear more about it. They live elsewhere now, but it sounds like they still travel frequently from what I gather. They are our age, which is different from last time, not better or worse, just different. I can’t/won’t give any more details than that to protect their privacy.

The email said to take a day or two (less if I just “knew”) then let her know if I wanted to move forward with an intro video meeting. I forwarded the info to the Hubster so he could read the letter. Then I emailed back and let her know that I would love to have a video meeting with them. I was transferred to a case manager (instead of the matching manager) and she is coordinating the intro meeting, hopefully for Thursday, which is only 3 days away, eek!! She said that she thinks that’s what day it will be, she just needs to confirm it with them.

I am definitely looking forward to “meeting” these guys and learning more about them. From what I keep hearing they are super chill and laid back which I love because we are too and I think that would help us mesh well. I’m currently working on a list of things I want to ask. It’s much more extensive than last time just because the first time around I didn’t know what I wanted to know. This time I have a much clearer idea of what I would like to find out in this meeting.

If we do have the meeting on Thursday I hope I don’t have to wait the whole weekend to find out if they want to officially match…y’all know how much I hating waiting

Hopefully I’ll have an exciting update soon!

Just as I finished this I saw I had an email from the case manager and the guys confirmed Thursday at noon!!



2 thoughts on “Intro Call Soon!

    • Questions I have written down are things like: How many embryos do they have frozen? Do they plan on making more if needed? How many times do they plan on coming to my state before/during pregnancy (like for transfer, ultrasounds, etc)? Are they okay with an elective induction between 40-41 weeks? Do they want to be in the room during labor? During delivery? Those are the ones I remember off the top of my head 🙂


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