Nothing New

Another week down and I’m in the same spot I was before. I didn’t even make it through the weekend before I texted the agency. I just wanted to know if the new couple was more responsive than the previous couple. She told me that she had been out of the office Thursday and should hear something by Saturday. So I texted her on Monday and asked how we were looking. She said that they were waiting for legal and they were all at the SEEDS (Society for Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy) conference and that as soon as she knew she would let me know. I’m sure that she’s getting super annoyed with all my texts, but at this point it’s been over a month since I reapplied and I don’t even have a match meeting scheduled. I’m usually a believer that things will work out how they’re supposed to, but this is getting ridiculous and frustrating. I don’t want to lose the chance of an August transfer then not have the opportunity for another before October if the first one doesn’t work because I’m not willing to transfer between mid-October and January.

So I’m just over here annoyed, frustrated, and impatient. I will probably try to wait until Friday to text again and honestly today I’m just over it and ready to throw my hands up and say “whatever! Get back to me in another month, I don’t care!” But, I do care and it annoys me that they’re dragging their feet. I’m getting the feeling that they are short staffed or something and aren’t able to handle the amount of IPs and surrogates they’re dealing with. They were so great last time around that I hope this isn’t a new norm for them. I know I had expectations of this initial part going much faster this time around and that’s probably not helping my patience (or lack thereof).

I shall update when I actually have some news (so in like 2-3 weeks at this rate)



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