11 weeks

After I copied and pasted this I realized I never actually finished changing my answers last week, oops!

Weekly Update:

How far along: 11 weeks

How big is baby: 1.5-2 inches, the size of a fig, a lime, or a Bee Hummingbird depending on what app you go by

IVF meds: I finally got the okay to stop progesterone injections woohoo! I took my last one last Monday and my backside is definitely grateful. Tonight is my last dose of 1mg of estrodiol so this section of the update will be saying goodbye after today šŸ˜

Symptoms: fatigue, nausea off and on although it definitely seems to be getting better.

Sleep: I had another cold last week that made for a few very sleepless nights. It’s better now and I added 1 Tylenol PM to my bedtime meds, initially because my throat hurt so bad, but it has made me sleep soooo much better that I’ve continued it.

Miss anything? Not being constantly aware of my stomach and GI tract. It seems there’s always something going on in there and it always holds part of my attention

Food cravings? Cravings have mostly gone away this week. I can’t think of anything in particular I just had to have, but I have been wanting actual meals in the evenings as opposed to just snacking for dinner

Anything making you queasy or sick? Carbs/sugar, too many raw veggies. I mostly need to eat just protein if I don’t want an upset stomach.

Best moment of the week? The ultrasound on 2/12 and then hearing her heartbeat on the Doppler a friend sent me.

Next appointment: Wednesday I have first appointment at my OB office, but it’s just with the nurse. First real OB appointment is on 2/26


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