12 (+3) Weeks

Lets hope this isn’t the beginning of me forgetting weekly updates LOL I was waiting until after my OB appointment Monday morning to do it, but then I obviously spaced it (it’s not too early to use the pregnancy brain card is it?).

Weekly Update:

How far along: 12+3

How big is baby: about 2.5 inches, the size of a plum or a Roborovski hamster

Symptoms: soooo tired all.the.time. Nausea has been kind enough to ramp up this week. I spent pretty much all day Sunday in bed and have been nauseous most of everyday since then. I really hope this isn’t a new trend

Movement: I thought it would be much later that I would add this section, but much to my surprise I have been able to feel her moving around in there already!! It’s not consistent, but it’s at least a time or two every day.

Sleep: Not too bad. I wake up a lot to pee and start sleeping more restlessly from about 4am on

Miss anything? Not being nauseous and being able to plan dinner which I can’t seem to do right now b/c I don’t know what, if anything, will sound good at that time

Food cravings? Tacos LOL

Anything making you queasy or sick? everything LOL mostly just eating too much at one time

Best moment of the week? being able to spend Sunday in bed while the Hubs wrangled the munchkins

Next appointment: We have an ultrasound tomorrow morning 🙂

I had my first appointment with my actual OB on Monday morning. I have to say that I love her. She’s so easy going and laid back. She thanked me a bunch of times for only transferring one embryo as she has seen a lot of surros with twins have complications (in her experience more complications than twins carried by their biological mother). She also said that she wanted another ultrasound to check on the 3 sub chorionic hemmorages that they saw at the last ultrasound. (If you’re not familiar with that term it’s basically a pocket of blood that forms in the uterus. They’re are pretty common in IVF pregnancies. They generally don’t cause any problems, but can cause light to heavy bleeding which can be scary. Luckily I haven’t had any bleeding at all). After some back and forth that ultrasound is being done tomorrow morning 😁


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