Contract Meeting in Two Days

October 4th: IFs lawyers sent the contract to me and my lawyer. I went over it and emailed my comments to my lawyer.

October 8th: my lawyer emailed everyone to let us know that she would be on vacation the next week and she had it on her schedule the week of October 18th. She said she would be in touch the week of October 18th.

October 26th: we still hadn’t hear anything. IFs lawyer emailed my lawyer asking for an update.

October 28th: I still hadn’t heard anything so I emailed my lawyer asking when we may be able to chat about the contract.

November 2nd (today): IFs lawyer emailed my lawyer again asking for an update. I emailed my lawyer letting her know when I’m available this week and letting her know that we’re hoping for a transfer soon after Christmas which means I would need to start meds before the end of the month.

She finally emailed me back saying that a friend of hers passed away last week and another friend is very depressed. I’m obviously very sorry for her loss. I’ve been there and I totally get it. The only thing that makes me side eye a little in that she was still supposed to go over the contract and be in touch with me the week before last. It doesn’t matter now. She is reviewing it today and we have a phone call set up for 4:15pm Thurs (2 days away). Hopefully it doesn’t take too long after that to get it sorted and signed.

I also emailed my clinic coordinator late last week asking if we can start talking transfer timing. I told her I noticed that my test results were in (they apparently don’t email about them anymore, the results just go to the patient portal) although I was sure that the doctor hadn’t had a chance to review them yet. I let her know that we are already in the middle of contracts which is when we were able to start talking timing the last time around. I mentioned that having the transfer the week after Christmas would be super convenient and would save IFs some travel expenses since we’ll already be in the Portland area for the holidays. I haven’t heard back from her yet. I’ll probably give it until Thursday to see if she gets back to me before I follow up.

Small steps forward are better than no steps forward!


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