Medical Screening Day!

I currently hanging out at PDX waiting for my flight back home. I touched down about 7:30 this morning. True to form I didn’t sleep well last night. I’ve been uncommonly calm about my med screening appointment. The last two times I’ve been super anxious about it, but not this time for whatever reason. My anxiety didn’t like that so it decided to hyper focus on the “what if” of me getting a flat tire on the way to the airport 🤦‍♀️ I left my house at 5:20am so if I had gotten a flat in the 30 mins to the airport it would have been terrible timing. My husband probably would have had to wake up the kids and come help me on the side of the highway in the dark….no bueno. Luckily I made it just fine.

After I got to PDX I located the comfy chairs (the plush ones with the foot stools) and hung out for a bit. I was exhausted so I took a little power nap while listening to a sleep meditation. When I woke up I decided to grab some breakfast before I changed out of my cozy traveling clothes and into more appropriate clothes for a medical appointment.

The clinic location I was supposed to be seen at had a septic leak this last week and they had to abandon ship until it was repaired. This meant appointments had to be moved to one of their other locations. Luckily they moved me a location that was still close enough to a light rail stop that I didn’t have to take an Uber. It was a little longer ride, but I prefer that over dealing with an Uber/Lyft.

I got to my appointment and checked in. I have a friend who works for the clinic. We’ve known each other going on 25ish years, but haven’t seen each other for a long time. She made sure she was there so we could catch up. It was soooo great to see her and we picked right back up like we’d seen each other last week. I love those type of friends.

I got called back. They drew some blood then got me in an exam room for the uterine evaluation. The doctor did a mock transfer then a saline sonogram to make sure my uterus is in good shape with no polyps or other anomalies. The RE (reproductive endocrinologist) said everything looked great.

I got to chat with my friend some more (we had lots to catch up on!). Then headed back to the airport. I got some lunch and have been just hanging out.

I was hoping to get the results from the in house blood testing today, but I think I was there too late in the day for them to get it done today. My appointment was at 1pm. I think last time it was at 11am so they had it done the same day. Hopefully they send an email fairly early tomorrow. If not I will start to stress that something came back not good.

I’m really happy that the physical exam showed a healthy uterus, ready to grow one more baby. I won’t breathe a total sigh of relief until we get the blood draw results back.

I haven’t heard anything from my lawyer yet. I’m hoping in the next day or two she will email me to set up a time to go over the contract.

Fingers crossed for good blood draw results!


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