Lining Check Appointment

Woke up at 5:00am this morning to hop on a plane at 6:55 to get to Portland at 7:30am so I could make an 11am appointment at ORM Fertility before going back to the airport for a 3:35pm flight back to Redmond then heading to Bend and picking up the kids from daycare/after school care and finally going back home. (I don’t usually condone run on sentences, but felt like an exception needed to made here 😂)

The running around was 100% worth it though because apparently Friday the 13th is my lucky day and my appointment went great! My lining measured 11mm!! 7mm is the minimum they like to see so we are looking good! The nurse practitioner I saw said that it all looks perfect going forward to transfer. My ovaries were nice and quiet which we need them to be. I have one more blood test on September 19th which will be the day after I start the PIO (progesterone in oil) injections. As long as there’s nothing wonky there we should be green lighted for transfer!!

I’m guessing sometime on Monday our coordinator will start making the travel arrangements for the hubs and I. We’ll finalize plans for my mother in law to come watch the kiddos while we’re gone. Bless her for always coming to our rescue when we need a multiple night/day babysitter. We wouldn’t be able to do these surrogacy journeys without the help and support from both our families!

After the appointment it was such a nice day I walked the 15ish blocks down to the waterfront. I walked alongthe river for awhile before hopping back on the train to the airport. Here’s a tidbit I didn’t realize…Friday afternoons in the fall (probably other times of year too) means a security check in line full of sports teams. There was an entire football team plus coaches, a couple soccer teams, and a volleyball team. Luckily the airport got all the check in lines going and it really didn’t take that long to get through. I grabbed some lunch then watched a movie until it was time to board. I made it back in time to pick up the kids and head home.

It was a long day and I’m definitely ready for bed, but it feels so good to know that my body is doing what it’s supposed to! I’ll still be holding my breath a touch until the blood test on Thursday, but I’m feeling pretty good about this cycle! Of course, after transfer it’s back to breath holding until we know if it stuck or not!

I’m still donning my pineapple shirt and pineapple necklace for these appointments 🍍🍍 they seem to still have some good vibes left


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