Let’s Get This Party Started

I started Lupron injections last Saturday (3 days ago). Lupron is a medication that prevents ovulation. That’s important because the RE (fertility doctor) wants complete control over my cycle and we don’t want ovulation because then it would signal my body to start my cycle over when we’re trying to prepare it to accept the embryo.

Full disclosure I have been too chicken to do the injections myself. For some reason I cannot bring my hand to stab my stomach with a needle 😂 If I didn’t have another option (my husband) I would eventually work up the nerve to do it myself, but I don’t have that kind of patience and I just want it done. Logically I know it doesn’t hurt and I’ve had way more pain donating blood (those needles are huge). I checked my blood sugar for months when I was pregnant last time, but I psych myself out with this.

Either way it gets done and that’s what’s important. I’m on it for another 24 days and I’m sure I’ll be able to do it before then. After that a whole new set of injections begins and I have no intention of doing those myself (if we get to that point I will share the reasons LOL).


3 thoughts on “Let’s Get This Party Started

  1. I would psych myself out as well. I had enough trouble getting over picking my finger in high school to check sugar levels. LOL
    I’m so proud of you for doing this, what a gift you are giving to the new parents!

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