Quickish Update

I haven’t taken the time to write an update after my ultrasound appointment last Monday partly because I’ve been busy and partly because it wasn’t great news.

Fair warning: this post contains talk of bleeding and vaginal ultrasounds šŸ˜‚

Everything was going to plan. I started my period on time (even a bit early). Come Monday morning I went in to have my baseline ultrasound. This could have been super awkward because seriously who the hell wants to have a vaginal ultrasound when your still bleeding? No one. And what ultrasound tech wants to perform one? I’m going to guess none of them LOL Luckily for me the tech was super nice and very professional. She started doing her measurements and when she got to the endometrial lining she told me it was about 6mm. My heart sank. That’s much too high for a baseline. It should be around 4mm or lower. While the difference doesn’t sound like much it’s important to start with a fresh lining and 2mm is a big deal in the IVF world.

Long story short I found out that afternoon that we wouldn’t be able to keep our transfer date of 12/14. I wasn’t surprised, but I was super bummed. What did surprise me was what they decided on for a plan going forward. I thought that I’d probably have to go back on BCPs (birth control pills) and wait to have another period late this month. Instead the doctor prescribed me some medication to take for 5 days (I took my last dose last night). Apparently 5-7 days after I finish I should have another period. I have no idea how that works, but I’m hoping it works for me.

We won’t have a new transfer date until I start bleeding hopefully at the end of next week. The nurse didn’t tell me how long after the date might be, but I’m thinking it’ll be early next month although the end of this month would really be awesome.

So that’s where we are, just hurry up and wait. Fingers crossed for good news in the next couple weeks!


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