38 Weeks

We are now under two weeks until this little guy makes his appearance! His dads are now in town with his sister so we’re all now officially ready for him to come.

Weekly Update:

How far along: 38 Weeks

How big is baby: Size of a spaghetti squash~19.5in/49.5cm, weighing in at about 6.5-7lbs

Symptoms: More aches and pains, but they’re all manageable. The insomnia and overnight sinus drainage are hitting the hardest. I’m exhausted! I’m looking forward to better sleep once surro bud is Earth side. Still have heartburn, but it is better this week than last.

Movement: He continues to be active. We started doing non-stress tests last week. This is where they hook me up to monitors that track his heartbeat and any contractions. I have a button that I press each time he moves. There are times I can hardly keep up with his movements. He has passes the two NSTs with flying colors

Sleep: To put it bluntly, it sucks. Between the insomnia and constantly choking on sinus drainage I’m not getting much sleep. This happens every pregnancy so I expected it and honestly I think it started later in this pregnancy than any other which was great (and had my hopes up that maybe it would stay at bay). It’s one of those end of pregnancy things that makes you ready for labor and delivery.

Food cravings?  Out of the blue I’ve been craving cereal. Not a specific kind, just a bowl of cereal before bed

Food Aversions? not really

Anything making you queasy or sick? Heartburn, not getting enough sleep (like when I woke up for the day at 3am Monday morning)

Next appointment:  1/28, we’ll probably have another NST at that time. Then after that just one more appointment on 1/30


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