35 Weeks

We were traveling last week so no update. I had the growth ultrasound on the 21st and baby boy is doing great. He is even head down now! Hopefully that doesn’t cause any increase in the kidney issues over the next 5 weeks. The weight estimate was 5lbs 12oz, but those can be off so I’m not putting too much stock in that part. His head was measuring about 2.5-3 weeks ahead and his belly was about 1.5-2 weeks ahead. So I’m thinking even if the weight estimate is off he will likely be on the bigger side…just how big? Who knows!

Weekly Update:

How far along: 35 Weeks

How big is baby: Size of a bunch of carrots~18.25in/46cm, weighing in at about 5.25lbs…although this little guy could be a bit bigger

Symptoms: Heartburn is still the main symptom that I deal with daily. My hips have been sore, especially after sleeping on a firmer than usual mattress while we were visiting family over Christmas. I’m trying to remember to stretch them more often to help.

Movement: Still an active boy! He makes me stomach rock and roll often, although it seems like whenever I try to make a video of it he stops. Now that he’s turned head down I get more painful movement down low. It’s nothing that I haven’t had before, but sometimes it makes me say “ouch!”

Sleep: It hasn’t been bad. I didn’t sleep great when we were out of town, but it’s been okay the last couple nights

Food cravings?  Still peanut butter, although it’s not a super strong craving, more like it just sounds good

Food Aversions? nothing recently

Anything making you queasy or sick? Heartburn if I forget to take the meds

Best moment of the week? spending the Christmas holiday with lots of family

Next appointment:  My next OB appt is Jan 3rd, then every week after that until baby boy is here!


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