Holy Appetite Batman!

This Delestrogen is no joke! I started it last Monday and started to notice that I wanted to eat everything in sight by the end of the week. Then Friday night it was time to do another injection…this one was double the amount of the first injection. Cue the appetite all weekend…

Plus I’m super bloated from the meds as well so I’m feeling like quite the little (big) piggy LOL I do not remember having this issue last time around when I was just taking the estrace pills. I remember seeing people in my Facebook surrogacy groups complaining about the med bloat and gaining weight on the meds, but I didn’t notice either of these things. Well I’m making up for it now LOL I haven’t actually gained more than a pound or too, but my pants are snug anyway. I’m still walking for an hour at night after the kids go to bed so that is probably helping in the weight gain department. If this appetite keeps up though man, no amount of walking is going to stay on top of it.

I seem to be having more side effects from the meds all around this time. I’m constantly exhausted (I slept in until 11am on Saturday!!) and have a low grade headache pretty much all day. I know it sounds like I’m miserable, but I promise I’m not! I would do all this and more over and over again to help my IFs have a baby. These are very minor inconveniences in the grand scheme of things. It’s funny when people say “I could never go through all that and an entire pregnancy for someone else!” Well then surrogacy is not for you LOL Pretty much every surrogate will tell you that it is 100% worth everything we go through to see their IPs with their baby. Obviously, I mean a huge portion of us do it more than once haha!

I have my next Delestrogen injection tonight. My first dose was .1mL, second was .2mL and the next dose is .25mL. I might even try to do this injection myself. I make no promises though because, to be honest, the length of the needle is intimidating as hell. As I’ve said before I really really want to be able to do these myself as my husband will be out of town for a couple nights not too long after the transfer and again in November (if the transfer works I will be on meds until around mid November). I have a back up plan to have someone come do them for me, but it would be so much easier if I could just do them myself like so many other surrogates do. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I can work up the nerve!

Friday I fly to Portland in the early am to go to ORM at 11:30 for my lining check and blood test. I’m nervous about it since this is a new med protocol for me and I have no idea how my body will respond to it. I’m continuing all my “extras” like the POM juice, yoga positions, and walking. Please send all your spare vibes my way for a great appt on Friday!

In other news, we took the kids hiking this weekend in the mountains. It’s a very easy 1.5 mile trail near a lake that we’ve taken them to before, although I think this is the first time they’ve walked the entire thing by themselves. We’re heading into fall so we’re trying to get out and enjoy the outdoors a bit before we’re confined to the indoors. The weather is supposed to get warm again at the end of the week so maybe we’ll get back out this weekend. It’s tough to balance all the outdoor chores that need to get done around the house to prep for winter with wanting to go have fun outside while we still can. I’m trying to have us do a day of fun stuff and a day of chores, but the pull of fun is hard to ignore!


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