We’re Off!

We are officially cycling for a transfer!! I started meds 2 days ago on 8/19. So far they have been going great. I’m currently taking baby aspirin, doxycycline, birth control, prenatals, and Lupron (injection).

Last night I was finally able to give myself a Lupron injection! This is big for me because I couldn’t do them last time at all. I had such a mental block about stabbing myself with a needle LOL I hear it gets easier so hopefully I’ll be able to continue doing them. The needles are tiny and I don’t even feel them, but I just had to get past the mental part of it.

I take my last BCP on Friday and CD1 should be sometime early next week. Then I will go in for a blood test to make sure my estrogen levels are low. Once they get those results back we will start trying to make my lining nice and fluffy for the embryo. That will include estrogen injections on Mondays and Fridays. I also have my POM juice in the fridge ready to go and I will start utilizing some yoga positions after the blood test results come back.

I also found some bath salts that are supposed to help with circulation. No idea if they actually do that or not, but I do love an excuse to take a nice hot bath. I

The other thing I’m going to start doing is making more of an effort to exercise in the evening whether it be a harder 30min workout video or an hour walk on the treadmill. Getting the blood flowing is what it’s all about.

I’m having pretty minimal side effects from the meds. The doxycycline can sometimes make my stomach feel not great. I take it with breakfast and dinner. It’s hasn’t been bad, I just notice it because I’m hyper aware of my body during IVF meds & surro pregnancy. The Lupron has been known to cause headaches especially if you don’t drink enough water. I have been trying to be really vigilant about drinking a ton of water and so far I’ve only had just minor headaches which I can’t say are from the meds as I was having a lot of tension headaches before.

All in all it’s going great! Fingers crossed it continues that way!


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