Chugging Along

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve done this before and know how much of a hurry up and wait process it can be or what, but I am so much more chill this time around….at least so far (it’s been less than 48 hours since I reapplied!).

I got a call yesterday from my previous case manager who is now in the recruitment department. She already has a couple in mind for me! They are another gay couple and live on the East Coast. Their clinic is here in Oregon though which is convenient.

Obviously there’s no guarantee that their clinic will clear me, the match will be a good one, or that I’ll pass medical screening. It’s still fun to think about the possibilities though. Depending on how fast we can get everything busted out it’s possible we may be able to have a transfer in August which is exciting.

I’m currently waiting for my OB’s office to get my medical records together. Once I have them in hand I will email them to the agency and they will forward them to the clinic I mentioned above. The clinic will let the agency know if they will accept me for a medical clearance appointment or not. This clinic is notoriously strict for surrogate requirements (like one of, if not the strictest, in the country) so I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they say my BMI is too high or see that I had gestational diabetes in pregnancy #2 and deny me. My contact at the agency seems to think that it won’t be an issue, but I won’t believe that until I they actually accept me.

From there I think we’d be on to a matching meeting via Skype. If we decide to move forward together psych evals would be next. Last time that meant a Skype meeting with the Hubs, me, and the doctor followed by a Skype meeting with IPs, me, and the doctor (I think the Hubs can get out of that one if he’s working). Hopefully the scheduling for that stuff is easier this time if we end up with this couple as the time difference is significantly less than with my previous IFs (intended fathers).

I’m currently feeling a little more patient this time waiting for my records and the next steps. Last time I was like go go go now now now! There’s a couple things I can get out of since I already did this not too long ago. They don’t need another signed form from my OB and they don’t have to do another home visit since I haven’t moved which is great as that takes at least a week off the timeline, if not more.

So we’re plugging along after 36 hours LOL I actually feel like I need to go back and read my early blog posts so I can remember the exact steps we took last time and in what order.

Happy Friday!!


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