First an ultrasound report! We had the anatomy scan on Monday. Baby measured right on track and all the organs and blood flow they checked looked perfect. We also found out that baby is a GIRL! So IFs are expecting a little girl in June ❤

Weekly Update:

How far along: 20 weeks, yay for halfway!

How big is baby: Size of a endive…10 inches (we’re now measuring from head to toe instead of rump to crown)

Symptoms: I’m starting to feel better in the nausea department. I’ve been able to space out the days I take Zofran. I’m starting to get heartburn already so I now travel with Tums wherever I go. I’m also tired, a lot. It’s my constant state of existence and I’ve been struggling a bit with it. I don’t like telling my kids that I’m too tired to do something so I try to power through, but it can be hard.

Movement: I can tell she’s getting bigger because her movements are much more pronounced.

Sleep: I haven’t been sleeping great. It takes a long time to fall asleep and I wake up frequently. This is not helping in the “I’m so tired” department

Food cravings? salads, fruit, hummus and veggies, fruity candy

Anything making you queasy or sick? breakfast, no matter what it is I feel icky after

Best moment of the week? having a great ultrasound and finding out I’m carrying another girl 🙂

Next appointment: OB appt on 2/20


14 Weeks Hello 2nd Tri!

We finally got the insurance stuff figured out (at the very last minute) and I was able to get in today (the last day that it could be done) for the NT screening, which includes an ultrasound and a blood test.

Baby looked great on the US this morning. It was very squirmy and it took awhile to get the angle the tech needed for the measurements, but eventually baby cooperated. Baby measured right on track and had a heart rate of 154 which is perfect!

I’m so happy we’ve made it to the second trimester! It seems crazy to say that already and I’m sure the next few weeks will fly by the holidays. It’ll be time for the anatomy scan ultrasound before we know it!

Weekly Update:

How far along: 14 weeks and we’re officially in the second trimester!

How big is baby: Size of a beet…about 3.5 inches

Symptoms: I’ve definitely been feeling better the last few days. My stomach still has some wonky times, but it’s generally okay. I’m still exhausted most of the time.

Sleep: it’s been pretty good. It’s been nice not being woke up at 4:30 because my son is having fever induced nightmares

Food cravings? salad, breakfast foods, but I can’t eat them because carbs, milk, sugar makes me super nauseous. The only breakfast food I can eat is bacon

Anything making you queasy or sick? sugar, carbs, getting too full

Happy or moody? Pretty happy, but I can be a bit short tempered in the PM when I’m ready for bed

Best moment of the week? ultrasound yesterday that showed a happy, healthy baby!

Next appointment: OB appt on 12/19

Ultrasound today

The ultrasound this morning went great! The tech was so sweet, she’s my favorite thus far (I’ve seen a ton of them in the last 3 months). She has a friend who was a surrogate and her sister is going through IVF so she had an idea about the whole process. She even mentioned that she has thought about being a surrogate, but thought her two c sections would disqualify her. I let her know that they wouldn’t if she still thought she would want to do it.

Anyway back to the actual ultrasound. She spent a lot of time looking at the sub chorionic hemorrhages. She said that she thinks one of the spots isn’t actually an SCH that she thinks it’s in the placenta which wouldn’t be any sort of issue. She also said they look they’ve gotten smaller which is great. Everyone I’ve talked to (OB, 2 ultrasound techs, and 2 medical assistants) have all been so surprised I haven’t had any bleeding. Sometimes I wonder if they think I’m lying about it LOL

Baby girl is measuring 3 days ahead which is great. She was 2-3 days behind before so she must have had a growth spurt. She was a bit lazy, but made one nice big flip to go from facing my back to facing my stomach. With moves like that it’s no wonder I’m feeling her already.

I can’t wait for her dad’s to get to see the ultrasound in person. I always send them the pictures that the tech prints out, but it’s definitely a different experience to see it in person.

I can only imagine how strange it must be to know that you have a baby growing thousands of miles away. It must feel a bit surreal so hopefully when they come for the anatomy scan it can feel a bit more real.

She’s a cutie already!

10 Weeks 1 Day

I have been so nervous about this day, way more so than I was with the ultrasounds for my own kids. There’s so much invested here. You’ve got three people who want this so much, not to mention the family and friends who surround all of us and are praying and sending good vibes. I don’t know why I put so much on this particular ultrasound. At the one three weeks ago we saw a heartbeat which was great, but it was still just a blob. Since the imaging center no longer listens to the heartbeat, they just measure it, it seemed kind of surreal. So without further ado here’s how it went….

It went great LOL She’s perfect, measuring on track with a heartbeat of 171 (still didn’t get to actually hear it though). I could see her little heart beating and she was wiggling around. I didn’t see the heartbeat at first, but she was wiggling so I knew she was okay. The tech had to show me on the screen where the heart was. It was so tiny that I totally missed it. Laying there watching this little girl dance around got me a little verklempt. I’m just so excited for her dads. She has no way of knowing it, but she is already so loved.

It’s a different feeling watching an ultrasound of a baby in my uterus that I have no maternal feeling towards. It’s not bad or anything, just different. I feel more like an aunt or something. Obviously I care about her and want the best for her, but I’m not her mother and I have no desire to be. She has two amazing dads that are going to love and adore her. People tend to say things like “I could never give up my baby” or “I don’t know how you can give up your baby” when surrogacy is mentioned. The thing is surrogates go into this knowing these are not our babies. We’re not giving them up, we’re giving them back to families who want them so badly and have waited so long. One of the things most surrogates look forward to the most is the moment the IPs (intended parents) see their baby (babies) for the first time. We’ve all been through it with our own kids and helping someone else experience that moment is an amazing thing. Obviously I haven’t made it that far yet, but thoughts of what it might be like are part of the reason I decided to do this.

Now it’s time for…

Weekly Update:

How far along: 10 weeks 1 day

How big is baby: about an inch or the size of an Eastern Tailed-Blue Butterfly (one of the apps I have let’s you choose what you want the size compared to, I chose animals LOL)

IVF meds: Estradiol 2mg 3x a day. 1cc of PIO each evening.

Symptoms: fatigue, nausea has been manageable. It comes and goes. I had a really rough patch Thursday afternoon and this morning, but thankfully they were short lived.

Sleep: it’s been okay. I think the unisom I take at night to help with the nausea makes me sleep crappy.

Miss anything? Not being nauseous and having food actually sound good

Food cravings? watermelon, cantaloupe, apples w/ caramel, carrots and ranch, cucumbers. Last night I had the first real dinner I’ve eaten in weeks. It was steak, pasta salad, and green salad. It was delicious, but I ate too much and got super bloated.

Anything making you queasy or sick? not drinking enough water. This seems to make the difference in how my day goes. Not enough water the day before and I’m super nauseous all day.

Best moment of the week? Having was weather this weekend and getting to be outside to enjoy it

Next appointment: ultrasound on 2/12, it seems like it’s been so long! I’m definitely ready to make sure everything looks good in there.

We Have a Heartbeat!

Yesterday morning I had my second OB ultrasound and it showed baby girl’s heart in there beating away!!

I emailed B & R from the parking lot afterwards because I didn’t want them to have to wait any longer than necessary. I was a little bummed that this imaging center doesn’t actually listen to the heartbeat until after the first trimester. They measure it without hearing it so as to “disturb” the baby as little as possible since all her vital organs are developing. I appreciate the sentiment, but I so wanted to be able to send a video with their daughter’s heartbeat to B & R. In that sense it was almost anticlimactic because it’s hard to believe there was a good strong heartbeat without hearing it.

We’re all still going forward with cautiously optimistic attitudes knowing anything can happen, but as of yesterday morning things looked good.

She was measuring 2-3 days behind, but that’s considered normal for this stage. This was the first abdominal ultrasound I’ve had with this pregnancy and while I appreciate not needing a vaginal one, it definitely gives much clearer images.

6 Weeks

Weekly Update:

How far along: 6 weeks

How big is baby: sweet pea or pomegranate seed (why do we compare embryos/fetuses/babies to food? 🤔

IVF meds: Estradiol 2mg 3x a day. 1cc of PIO each evening. My backside (where the PIO is injected) is numb now. That’s a weird feeling to have two big areas that are just numb. They itch too which is a bit obnoxious

Symptoms: fatigue, definitely more nausea, gassy

Sleep: it’s been good. I already started sleeping with a pillow to put my leg and bloated belly on

Miss anything? Not being nauseous and enjoying food

Food cravings? Yesterday afternoon needed cake, it didn’t matter what kind, I just needed some. My husband ran to the store and it was so good.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Lots of stuff, eating the wrong thing even if it sounded good. I spent an hour curled up on the bathroom floor this morning after breakfast

Best moment of the week? Seeing the appropriate sized gestational sac and yolk sac on the ultrasound. That let me know that so far things are progressing as they should and the embryo implanted in the correct place

Next appointment: Heartbeat confirmation on 1/22