We are officially halfway to our due date! We had our anatomy scan on Wednesday and baby girl rocked it! Everything looked perfect. She wasn’t overly cooperative when the tech was trying to get pictures of her heart, but they got they what they needed. It was so fun to have the dads there to see the ultrasound in person. I think it made it feel that much more real for them. I have a lot of people asking if the parents are excited and I usually say that I’m sure they are, but it has to be somewhat surreal to have your baby growing so far away.

My family also enjoyed spending time with the dads, especially the kids who absolutely adore them. They’re so accommodating with my kids and are always willing to play, read them books, or hear all about dinosaurs or their toys. It’s crazy to think that the next time we see them will be when baby is ready to make her debut!

I forgot to grab a quick picture of surro babe’s profile ultrasound picture, but it was funny to see that she looks nothing like my own kids. Obviously she’s not biologically related to me, but I guess I thought most babies look the same on ultrasounds…nope! This baby has a completely different profile and the features we could see on the 3D images are nothing like my own children. It was interesting to see that babies really can look totally different even this early.

Here’s the weekly update!

Weekly Update:

How far along: 20+1

How big is baby: about the size of an axolotl which is an amphibian native to Mexico or a banana…~10 inches long (last week was 6 inches from crown to rump, now baby is big enough to measure from head to toe hence the big jump) She measured about 11 oz at the ultrasound last Wednesday.

Symptoms: Round ligament pain and some lower back aches. Definitely an increased appetite, come evening time I’m devouring everything in sight.

Movement: They are certainly getting stronger and I feel her much more often now. She still seems fairly quiet when I move around.

Sleep: hit and miss…I’m tired pretty much all the time, there hasn’t been any sort of second trimester energy surge as of yet

Miss anything? not getting out of breath doing simple things like drying off after a shower

Food cravings? sweets

Anything making you queasy or sick? not really anything lately

Best moment of the week? having the anatomy scan with IFs there to see it in person

Next appointment: OB appt on May 16th

I mentioned to my OB that we’re planning on going camping for two weeks at the end of July/beginning of Aug and she was totally fine with working around it as long as everything looks good yay!

I feel like I look HUGE in the picture! I don’t know what position she was in because my bump was not that big this morning thank goodness