31 Weeks

Last week was Thanksgiving and we were out of town so I decided to take the week off. Not to mention that I spent the night in the hospital the Sunday before because of these stupid kidney stones. It took them 3 hours to find meds that actually helped the pain. I was really lucky though that it was my OB that was on call that day. I’ve been feeling okay since then, but that was two hospital visits in less than a month so I’m not feeling all that confident that I will get away without another visit before February. The lucky thing though is that the meds that ended up helping are ones that I can have a prescription for and have at home if needed. I have a urology appointment in two weeks so we can hopefully get a plan from now until February and after.

I’ve been tracking my blood sugar levels and they’ve been normal, as expected. There was one day last week that it was high because I had an extra piece of my favorite pizza that I only get once a year…even at that it wasn’t crazy high, just a few points

Weekly Update:

How far along: 31 Weeks

How big is baby: Size of a head of romaine lettuce ~16.2in/41cm, weighing in at about 3.3lbs

Symptoms: Sore hips, restless legs, heartburn, typical 3rd trimester stuff

Movement: When I was in the hospital they did an ultrasound of my kidneys and took a quick peek at the little guy. His head was under my right rib, so head up. I had a feeling he wasn’t head down for whatever reason. His position/movement felt different than my previous pregnancies. He still has lots of time to turn head down so we can avoid a c-section. The previous babies I’ve carried have all been head down by about 28 weeks. Hopefully he gets the memo and gets in the right position soon. Other than that he’s still pretty busy, although he definitely has down times. I got a decent video of him jumping around that I was able to share with his dads

Sleep: Not too bad usually. I’m still tired most of the time, but other than getting up a few times to use the bathroom I’m sleeping as well as can be expected

Food cravings?  Still craving breakfast foods, especially things like waffles and pancakes

Food Aversions? not really

Anything making you queasy or sick? Eating too much. My digestion is so slow these days that if I eat too much it takes several hours to feel normal and not uncomfortably full

Best moment of the week? Spending most of last week with family for the long weekend

Next appointment:  My next OB appt is December 6th.

For some reason WordPress won’t upload the bump pic from this week so last week will have to do


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