15 Weeks

Two days ago I had a check up with a midwife at my OB practice (my OB wasn’t available so I saw another provider who I really liked). Baby was doing great, heart rate was about 155. Before she checked his heart rate she goes “let’s see if we can even feel your uterus yet” so she starts feeling around and goes “wow, it’s all the way up here already!” The top of it was just below my belly button. We both agreed that it sure knows what to do after carrying 5 babies haha! Usually it would be just expanding out of the pelvis, but mine is an over achiever I guess. It makes me feel better that this bump is legit and not just too much left over fluff!

Weekly Update:

How far along: 15 Weeks

How big is baby: Size of an apple, about 4in

Symptoms: Going back to work Monday was a bit rough. My stomach was not thrilled with getting up early and was on edge all day. It was better the next day and by yesterday I was feeling back to the normal up and down nausea that’s been standard since the beginning. I have more round ligament pain too thanks to my over achieving, stretching uterus. I still get tired pretty easy, but I am of “advanced maternal age” this time so I think that’s to be expected 😜

Sleep: It hasn’t been too bad. My pregnancy pillow came and I like it. The cover on it is kind of slick so sometimes it slips out from under my belly if I’m not holding onto it. It’s nice to not have to take a pillow with me every time I roll over though.

Food cravings?  Still no really strong cravings, but things that have sounded good are pineapple, nectarines, really cold milk (this has been consistent with all my other pregnancies), and ice water

Food Aversions? not really, sometimes nothing sounds good, but no real aversions

Anything making you queasy or sick? waking up to early, having an empty stomach, eating too much

Best moment of the week? Having a good check up

Next appointment: 9/6 is my next OB appt and the anatomy scan will be Sept 16th

IFs are deciding whether they want to have an amniocenteses done. Because this baby was a mosaic embryo and the regular first trimester screenings don’t check on the chromosome that was affected an amnio is the best/only way to make sure everything is good. I’m not worried about what the results would be, in all the research I’ve done and studies I’ve read embryo’s that are segmental (only a part of the chromosome was affected) low level mosaic have pretty much the same chance of resulting in healthy baby as embryos that test normal. IFs and I are having a video chat this weekend to touch base and discuss it. It will ultimately be their decision on whether they want to go ahead with it or not. It’s their baby and they’re entitled to get all the information they want so I leave the final decision to them. In the meantime we’ll just keep trucking along!


One thought on “15 Weeks

  1. Glad to hear everything is going well – doesn’t surprise me about the “overachiever ” 😉 ( just a nod to that competitive part of you😍)

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