10 Weeks & Ultrasound Results

Yesterday we had an ultrasound and baby looked great! It (I can’t wait until we know if it’s a he or a she so I can stop saying “it”) was moving and stretching. Baby was measuring 2 days ahead and had a heart rate of 173.

Weekly Update:

How far along: 10 weeks (I can’t believe we’re in double digits already. 10 weeks seems so much further along than 9 weeks)

How big is baby: Size of a green olive, about 1.25in

IVF meds: Yesterday afternoon our clinic coordinator sent me a message with my final medication instructions. I am officially done with the daily progesterone injections, yay!! I continue the progesterone capsules PV twice a day until the 11th, then it goes down to once a day with the last one on the 15th. I drop my delestrogen down to .2ml tomorrow. Then next week it goes to .15ml on Monday and the last one is on Friday the 15th. I continue the low dose aspirin through the 15th. So after the 15th I will be off all meds and just taking prenatals!

Symptoms: I’m still on the symptom roller coaster. This last weekend we were camping and I felt pretty good most days. I think Tuesday the lack of sleep (going to bed late and waking up early) caught up to me and I felt pretty rough. After we got home and I closed my eyes for a minute I felt a little better. I’m really ready to be done with the progesterone so I can stop being so bloated all the time. I’m still tired a lot of the time, but being on vacation and not having work or house chores helped.

Sleep: I didn’t sleep all that great while we were camping, but I was able to take a nap or two. Since we’ve been home I’ve slept better, but now I have to wake up to work. Tomorrow is sleep in day though!

Food cravings? Chocolate, fruity candy, chips and guacamole, peanut butter toast, bagels and cream cheese, orange juice

Food Aversions? Sometimes I’m hungry and nothing sounds good which is annoying, but not really any aversions

Anything making you queasy or sick? the bloat I get after eating makes me nauseous, other than that the nausea is pretty random

Best moment of the week? seeing baby moving around on the ultrasound and spending the weekend camping with family

Next appointment: My first OB appointment is on July 13th


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