9 Weeks

Weekly Update:

How far along: 9 weeks

How big is baby: Size of a cherry, about .9in

IVF meds: .5mL Progesterone daily, 1 progesterone tab PV twice a day, baby aspirin daily, .25mL Delestrogen Mondays and Fridays.

Symptoms: I’m on a symptom roller coaster. Sometimes I feel great, other times I’m super nauseous. Sometimes I have the energy for chores other times all I want to do it lay in bed. There’s been no pattern, rhyme or reason. I’ve noticed that after I eat I usually feel awful for 60-90 minutes. I’ll get nauseous and bloated. Once that dissipates I’ll have an hour or so that I feel pretty good until I get hungry again. Yesterday was a hard day. I felt awful pretty much all day until like 8pm. It was the roughest day I’ve had so far. I’ve been making sure to keep my water intake up and I do think that helps immensely. Overall this is the best I’ve felt at this point. I have just enough symptoms to remind me that I’m pregnant, but it’s not usually so bad that I can’t go about life.

Sleep: I’ve been sleeping mostly good. There are some mornings where I wake up very early (or get woken up) and can’t go back to sleep until it’s almost time to get up. I definitely feel better when I get enough sleep

Food cravings? Fruity candy, dark chocolate, milk, BBQ chips

Food Aversions? Not too many this week. I have a strong aversion to the smell of cooking meat, but can eat it once it’s done.

Anything making you queasy or sick? having an empty stomach or having too full of a stomach

Best moment of the week? having the new park close to our house open up

Next appointment: I had my intake call with the medical assistant yesterday. It was just to review my health history and give me the dos and don’ts run down. We have an ultrasound on the 6th, if everything looks good my first official OB appt is July 13th,.


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