2nd Beta Results

This morning was the second beta hCG test to make sure the level is rising appropriately. I had to go in early because I had to be at work early for a meeting, but that meant I would know the results sooner!

About 2 hours later I got the notification that I had new results available. I immediately logged in to see them. I saw my estradiol results and progesterone results (they were checking those today too), but no hCG results. Hmmm….that was the only one I was interested in!

After our meeting I called the lab and asked them to check the order and add the hCG while they still had my blood sample there. They told me it would take about 20-30 minutes to get those results. A short time later I go another notification that I had another new test result. Again, I logged in immediately to see the results. I scrolled down slowly holding my breath.

Before I say the number I should explain what we were looking for it to be. They look for the number to double about every 48 hours. My number on Friday (4 days ago at 9dpt) was 140 so 48 hours later it should have been around 280. Then 48 hours after that which was this morning it should have bee around 560.

I scrolled to the bottom and there is was…582! So exciting!

I had a feeling it had gone up just because my test on Sunday morning was darker than the control line. I was shocked this weekend when I started having symptoms already! Usually I get another 2-4 weeks before I start noticing any differences. My stomach was already feeling kind of off in the morning or if my stomach gets too empty. I also have notices sore breasts and exhaustion. It’s crazy to be feeling pregnancy symptoms already. I hope it means that belly buddy is growing well in there!

As of right now, IFs haven’t heard the results because the clinic hasn’t sent them out and they’re probably still sleeping. I’m very anxious for them to hear the good news. Obviously this is just one milestone in the long list of milestones we need to reach before they have a baby in their arms, but it’s still a great one to reach!

Fingers crossed we continue getting good news!!


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