Beta Day!

It’s beta day! I was off work today, but still got up early to get to the lab right when it opened at 8am. It was already hopping and it took 30+ minutes to get called back. It didn’t take long and my blood was drawn and I was on my way to the grocery store.

We’re heading to the coast for the weekend so we had a busy morning of getting things ready. Less than 2 hours later I got the notification that I had a new test result in my MyChart portal. I stopped what I was doing to open it up. I opened up my test results and there was that beautiful number….140 πŸ’•

I knew from my at home tests that it was going to be a pretty solid number. I’ve had some great tests the last few days. Originally I had planned on waiting until 6dpt to test, but then the tests I ordered came early and my will power crumbled πŸ˜† I ended up testing Sunday evening at 4.25dpt and got a very clear second line. I was in shock and very excited. Over the last several days the line has gotten darker.

As I’m writing this IFs haven’t found out yet so I won’t be posting it until later after the clinic updates them. I’m so excited for them and so happy we were able to give this little embryo a chance. Obviously there are lots of milestones we needs to reach before they take home a healthy baby, but this is a great first step!

Our next beta is on Tuesday because of the holiday weekend. At that time we will want it to be 560 or higher as that would indicate that it’s doubling every 48 hours like it should 🀞🏼🀞🏼

Look at that beautiful line! Grow baby grow!

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