Almost 6dpt

In a few hours I will be 6dpt. I was trying to just wait until this morning to test again, but caved and tested last night then again this morning.

I’m happy to report that the line looks great and is getting darker. It’s best to compare tests about 48 hours apart as the HCG hormone that they pick up is supposed to double every 48 hours or so. If you do them day to day they don’t always get noticeably darker because it doesn’t always increase enough in that shorter amount of time. I usually test everyday anyway, but I just keep in mind to mainly compare tests that are 2 days apart.

All that being said the test I took last night was definitely darker than the one 24 hours before which is a great sign! The one I took this morning was only 10.5 hours after the one last night so they look the same which I expected.

I showed my long time coworker my test from this morning and her first reaction was to ask if I was sure there was just one because she thought the line was too dark for just one this early 😆 I told her to keep her twin juju to herself, that one is plenty.

At the moment I am just thrilled that the line is getting darker. I have my fingers and toes crossed that it continues and we have great beta numbers on Friday and Tuesday!

Here’s all the ones I’ve taken so far
This is the better comparison because it was longer between tests.

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