4.25 dpt

I think I mentioned before that I waited to order any tests so that I wouldn’t be tempted to test to early. I wanted to wait until at least 6dpt if not 7dpt. After transfer though I decided 6dpt was going to be as long as I could wait. The tests I ordered were supposed to show up tomorrow. Then I would only have to have self control for a few hours before testing the next morning. Then the dang things showed up today! Well crap, I can’t have them here for that long and not test. I was already rummaging through my cupboards looking for left overs last night 😆

I talked myself in circles all day after I got the notification they were coming today. One minute I was going to wait, the next I wasn’t. I was honestly terrified to test. I knew it was early and would likely be negative, but I knew that if it was I would be upset no matter how much I rationalized it. The last successful transfer I didn’t get anything until like 5.75dpt or something so logically I knew it could be negative and still be successful. I factored in that you should really test first thing in the morning because urine is more concentrated then. If you do test in the evening you’re supposed to try to hold “it” for at least 2-3 hours first. So many what ifs!

At 7pm I decided I was going to test. I had gone to the bathroom a couples hours before and decided to wait until 8pm. At 8 I went got my progesterone injection ready then tested. At first I watched it creep across the test strip. I watched until it reached the control line which started to darken. I glanced to where the test line should be and could almost swear I could see a shadow. I walked away and set a timer to read it when you’re supposed to so I wouldn’t look until the result was there.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

The timer was down to 30 seconds. Screw it, I’m looking. There it was…that beautiful second line. And not even one I had to bend and twist the test to see. It was there in all its glory 😆

Shock. Disbelief. Hope. Excitement. Relief. All the feelings. Obviously I know that many things could happen to make this a not viable pregnancy. So many things have to go right. However, today I am pregnant and for that I am so thankful.

Keep growing little one! 💕💕

There’s a new thing now where you can download an app from the makers of these tests and scan the test. It reads the window and tells you if you’re pregnant. It did not exist when I did my last successful transfer in 2019 so I’ve never gotten to use it before!


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