Less Than 48 Hours

or thereabouts to transfer…I haven’t been told yet what time the transfer will be, just that is will be Wednesday afternoon.

I went in this morning for blood work to check my estrogen and progesterone levels. I got them back shortly after. My estrogen was 832 which is higher than I’ve ever had before a transfer. My progesterone was 48.2 which is also higher than I’ve had pre transfer. I had a freaked out thinking that they were way too high. “Uh-oh” was my first thought. I consulted some fellow GCs who are in transfer cycles too. A few of them said that their levels were that high or higher in previous cycles and it was fine. I did some more searching in surrogacy groups I’m in and found other people that had levels even higher than mine and not only were able to go ahead with transfers, but had successful ones. All that made me feel much better, but I still had to wait for the update from the clinic which doesn’t come until 3:30ish. I didn’t ask for a faster update today because I didn’t expect to worry about the numbers. After I got them I didn’t want to ask because I think they probably secretly don’t like that I get the results before they can review them. I think a lot of times doctors want to be the ones to give results so patients don’t freak out about stuff they don’t know or Google things things and get stressed out. So I decided to be patient today.

Almost exactly at 3:30pm (at least she’s consistent!) I got a text from the clinic coordinator

Yay!! We are ready to go for Wednesday the 18th! I am so so happy to be here. After the failed transfer and the setbacks this cycle I am just grateful for the chance to give this little embryo a chance.

Progesterone injections started on the 12th, tonight will be my 5th one. I’m have a little soreness, but it’s not bad yet. I know the knots are inevitable, but I’m not worried about them. I’ve done these injections enough to know what’s in store and that I can deal with it just fine.

Tomorrow after the kids are done with school we will head to my parents house where we will spend the night. They are out of town, but we figured it’s easier for us to stay there than at a hotel. The kids have beds there they’re used to and there’s no check out time. After the transfer on Wednesday we’ll head home (the kids will be excited they get to miss a day of school).

Fingers crossed for a smooth transfer!


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