Lining Check Results

This morning was “the moment of truth” so to speak for this cycle. I’ve been a bundle of nerves the last couple days thinking about it. I’ve always had great lining checks, but this cycle has been such a roller coaster that I really didn’t know what to expect.

The image popped up on the screen and I immediately it didn’t look quite like the other times I’ve had these ultrasounds. The lining looked just a little different than the other times I’ve seen it. They are looking for a trilaminar pattern (like the one below). Mine just didn’t have such a well defined white strip in the middle like I have before. The thickness was great though at about 12mm I think. My ovaries were quite with only little follicles hanging around.

I left the imaging clinic still a bundle of nerves because I didn’t know that the different appearance would mean. I headed over to get my blood work done which was a pain because for some reason they lab keeps not getting my orders. I know our clinic coordinator faxes them over, I don’t doubt her. They just haven’t been getting into my chart the last few times I’ve been in. This morning I had to leave the lab, go to work, print them out, then take them back. Luckily it didn’t take too long to get back and have the blood drawn.

Then I had to go back to work and wait. I emailed the clinic coordinator to let her know that I had gotten the blood work done and kindly begged her to update me as soon as possible. I explained that I was very anxious about this ultrasound and if just this once she could update me as soon as the doctor reviewed the results I would be eternally grateful.

My blood work results came in and they looked okay as far as I could tell. Definitely higher than the 31 they were a week and a half ago. I just had to wait for the official word on what the plan was.

At 2pm I got “the email”.

Oh thank goodness! It felt like a massive weight was lifted off my shoulders….we were still on for transfer. I updated everyone that I knew was waiting and finally felt like eating lunch. It’s was such an enormous relief to read those words. I reread them a few times just to convince myself that I was reading it correctly.

Progesterone starts on Thursday. Baby aspirin and medrol (steroid) start Friday. I have blood work on Monday to make sure my progesterone level is rising. If that looks good then Tuesday after the kids get out of school we will get loaded up and head out. We’re taking the kids with us this time because I got the okay to drive the 3 1/2 hours home after transfer so they’ll only miss one day of school. It’s easier than asking a family member to come all the way to our house and watch them for 1 day. I get to then do bed rest at home which will be comfy I think. The kids will go to school Thursday and the hubs will work from home so he can be at my beck and call 😆 It may be hard with the kids Thursday after school, but we’ll make it work. They’re old enough to understand that mom has to relax. They won’t like it necessarily (especially my daughter), but they’ll survive.

I am feeling really happy right now and just enjoying that we reached another check point in this cycle. Hopefully in 9 days we’ll be giving IFs little embryo a chance to grow. Keep your fingers crossed for us!


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