New Calendar

I didn’t end up getting my calendar until yesterday afternoon when I finally texted our coordinator at 3:30pm to see if I needed to take .2ml of delestrogen last night. She replied a half hour later letting me know that she had uploaded the calendar to the patient portal and to increase the delestrogen to .25ml.

I opened up the calendar and was surprised to see it was so empty until the end of next week! The only meds I’m taking now is the delestrogen on Mondays and Fridays and my prenatal vitamins. That’s it! It’s funny to see hardly anything on there. Usually I’d be taking Lupron and a baby aspirin at this point. My clinic never explains their reasoning for anything to me unless I ask. I didn’t ask why the change, I’m just trusting that they know what they’re doing. Even with it being a bit bare until the end of next week it’s still very exciting to have it.

I got my lining check scheduled for next Monday the 9th. It feels like things are happening so fast because it felt like we restarted the whole cycle when my estrogen levels were high, but technically we didn’t. So now things seems condensed even though they really aren’t. It’s just that we didn’t know the transfer date several weeks ahead of time. We had to wait until the 29th to know if/when we could transfer.

I’ve been doing my yoga poses and drinking my POM juice to help thicken my lining. I hope it looks good on Monday! Every step now seems more nerve wracking after the hiccups last month.


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