New Transfer Date

This morning I went in for my blood work. I was never really told what was supposed a be happening or what they were looking for. I knew the trigger shot 2 weeks ago was supposed to make me ovulate. I figured they would be looking for me to start a period around 14 days after that as that’s what would happen in a natural cycle after ovulation. I had spotting about about a week ago for 5ish days that was sometimes heavier, but that was it. When CD 1 didn’t show up at the end of this week I started to worry that the bleeding was actually my cycle starting and that by the time the blood work rolled around this morning my estrogen level would already be on the climb again. I tried all the tricks I know to start my cycle, but nothing worked.

This morning while I waited for the results I tried not to get my hopes up. At least I would know one way or another. I expected my levels to be like 200 because that’s just how it seems like things are going. As a reminder, they want under 70 to start the delestrogen injections. I figured if the spotting I had last week was actually my cycle starting that at this point my estrogen levels would be on the rise.

I didn’t have to wait too long for the results from the lab. I got the alert that I had a new test result in my patient portal. I half chuckled and said to myself “watch it be like 250 or something.” I opened it up and there it was 31.2…um, what? I’ve never even seen it that low before. So now my head was spinning a bit. It was definitely below the 70 cutoff, but was it now too low? I suspected we might actually be okay and able to resume the cycle, but I truly had no idea and knew I would have to wait until about 3:30pm to find out.

I got a text message at 3:30pm welcoming me to two way texting with the clinic. I didn’t know if that was just a random generic thing or if they would be following up with the update that way. A minute later another message came through saying that it was our coordinator. She said my results today looked great and would I be available on May 18th for a transfer…uh, duh of course! I obviously didn’t answer that way 😆 but I let her know that I could absolutely make it work. The she followed up with instructions to start .2ml delestrogen tonight and let me know that she would be getting me a new calendar either this afternoon or tomorrow. As it’s currently almost 11pm, I’m going to guess that I’ll have it tomorrow. I asked if I needed to start Lupron again, but she said no. I’m a little nervous that without the Lupron I might start making bigger follicles again and ovulate before the transfer, but I have to trust that they know what they’re doing. There’s nothing I can do, but follow their directions.

The injection tonight went perfect. I had the hubs do it because it’s just easier and faster. I imagine my next one will be Monday as they usually do Mondays and Fridays for the delestrogen injections. Hopefully I don’t have to wait too long for the calendar. I like to know what’s coming up.

So here we are with the transfer only pushed back 2 weeks as of now. I have my fingers and toes crossed that the rest of this cycle goes smoother than the beginning 🤞🏼🤞🏼


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